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Meet Mrs Bridel

Name: Nikki Bridel
Position in school: Assistant Headteacher and SENCO


About Mrs Bridel

Mrs Bridel is one of our Assistant Headteachers and also the school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). Her role includes monitoring the wellbeing and learning of all pupils within the school. Most children will require some additional or different support at some point in their school lives. This may be because they are not making as much progress as expected (which can include the most able as well as those who find academic subjects more challenging), because of medical or physical issues, or because of social or emotional upset (both in and out of school).

Mrs Bridel is also responsible for identifying and assessing pupils additional educational needs and then planning for and supporting with programmes to meet their needs and help them develop. This may also include, with parental consent, requesting the support of outside professionals. 

Mrs Bridel works closely with staff and parents to advise or to arrange various kinds of support for children and their families. 

You may not know...

...that Mrs Bridel loves growing things to eat in her allotment but prefers her family to do the cooking!