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Meet Miss Tormey

Name: Sarah Jane Tormey
Position in school: Headteacher


About Miss Tormey

Miss Tormey has been head here at St Katharine's since 2002 and in this time has seen the school double in size. 

She still really enjoys teaching and has a regular teaching commitment within the school - she has taught virtually every child here at St Katharine's.

One of the most favourite times of her day is line duty in the morning because she gets the chance to speak to every child and many of the parents.

Miss Tormey also enjoys talking to the school chickens!

You may not know...

...that although Miss Tormey enjoys cooking she has never managed to make a successful Toad in the Hole!

...she has 3 dogs, a cat, 5 chickens and a canary at home.

...she really does have a dragon that lives under her desk at school.