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Keeping Me Safe

Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

All the adults at St Katharine’s care about you and think that your health, safety and welfare is very important.

  • We promise to give you a safe place to learn in. 
  • We will help keep you safe at home as well as school. 
  • It is important children know where to get help if they are worried or unhappy about something.

If you need to talk - we will listen.

  • You can talk to any adult at school about anything that is on your mind. 
  • You can always talk to Miss Tormey, Mrs Bridel or Mrs Veneziani if there is something that is worrying you. 
  • You can put something in the worry box in your classroom or on Miss Tormey’s desk
  • Tell a friend and then go with your friend to tell a grown up.

Don’t keep it a secret if someone is:

  • Bullying you
  • Saying things you do not like or upsets you
  • Touching you, making you feel uncomfortable
  • Hitting you or hurting you
  • Trying to give you cigarettes, drugs or alcohol
  • Sending unkind messages on the internet or phone
  • Making you feel sad or scared