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Introduction to EYFS

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum brought together several existing frameworks to form one single framework that all early years providers could follow. The result of this is that no matter where the child is cared for, the expectations and levels of care should be the same. This level of quality and consistency across providers should mean that all children are progressing and no child is getting left behind.

The framework seeks to ensure that all children are healthy and safe and are given opportunities to learn and develop. There is a strong emphasis on a link between school and parents/carers.

There are 3 Prime areas, these are particularly important in the first 3 years.

PSED    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
CL Communication and Language
PD Physical Development

There are 4 Specific areas:

L Literacy
M Mathematics
UW Understanding the world
EAD Expressive Art and Design

Foundation Years