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April 16th

April 15th 2020

Dear Badgers and Parents, welcome back to school after the Easter holidays. I particularly want to welcome Keya to the Badger's Class. Keya has recently returned from living abroad and has joined us at St Katharine's for the end of year 6.

Text Box: Why not drop Keya a welcome note introducing yourself?  If you get a parent to email your note to me, I will forward your note and contact email to Keya and family.

I hope that everyone remains well and safe. Given the beautiful weather that we have had you should all have been able to get some fresh air and continued your daily exercise. I have been walking 5 miles each day (yes, really) and without the school chocolate biscuits I am actually beginning to feel super fit!

From tomorrow you will need to return to your daily schedule of on-line learning. Remember this means around 2 hours of focused studying every day. This does not need to be all in one go – it is best to take a few breaks just like you would at school. Most of this work will be daily Maths and English that I will set for you on a weekly basis via the school class page. Whilst you may need to access some resources on line you will mostly be recording your work on paper. Please be careful to follow instructions as to whether you are to mark this work yourself, with parental supervision, or you are to submit it to me attached to an email. In addition to this Maths and English there will be some topic work, some Art and some Computing - much of this will be done on Expresso/Purple Mash.  It is also essential that you continue daily exercise (perhaps Joe Wicks at 9am?) and daily reading of at least 45 minutes.

Let's make sure we do some exciting investigating and learning this term!

Text Box: All the best for this new term, Mrs LD