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8th June

This week please send me:

- Final draft of your story (through Purple Mash – make sure you save and quit).




We are starting our new books this term. They have been designed to ensure the children have the best opportunity to cover all areas of the curriculum before the summer holidays.

Please follow the sessions I have laid out and only complete the tasks I set. If you finish it quickly, then feel free to use the extension tasks and then, if you would like, find further sessions on BBC bitesize; or National Oak Academy.




Main Task

Make sure you have a go at the “Discover” page first, before looking through the “Share” which explains the process.


(Optional challenge)

Lesson 1

Equivalent Fractions – Pages 24-27

Watch this video to help:

Equivalent fraction challenge

(Answers attached)

Lesson 2

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers – Pages 28-31

Watch this video to help:

Mixed Number Investigation

(Answers on separate document)

Lesson 3

Comparing and Ordering Fractions – Pages 32-35

Watch this video to help:

Compare and Order Fractions Less Than 1 Challenge

(Answers on separate document)

Lesson 4

Adding and Subtracting fractions with the same Denominator – Pages 36-39

Watch this video to help:


If my answer is  what is my question?

Write down, and draw proof of, five possible questions. You should include addition and subtraction.


(Multiple possible answers. Children’s proof, or diagrams, should ensure their answers are correct)


Answers are at the back of the maths books.


This week’s English is based around the Purple Mash book “The lost Myth of Mathos”.

You will need to access Purple Mash to complete some of the tasks.

Session 1




Purple Mash 2Do – The Lost Myth of Mathos

Read chapter 2 and complete the multiple choice comprehension.

Challenge: Complete the sequencing task in the resources folder.

SPAG – LMO Mathos_Chapter2_SPaG

PDF in the resource folder.

Session 2

An Incredible Journey

Plan your incredible journey story on the planning sheet in the resource folder.

You need to plan out a mythical creature. Use these websites if you need inspiration, or create your own creature:

You will also need to plan a reason for the journey and how the journey transpires.

You may also want to map out the story using a story map or a story mountain. (I have included examples in the planning pack. This will help you stay on track during your writing session.

Session 3


(You may want to do this over a couple of sessions)

An Incredible Journey

Write the first draft of your story out.

Keep checking back to your plan to make sure you are following the stages of the story we expect to see.

Use the checklist to support your writing style. I am particularly looking for:

  • Powerful vocabulary choices.
  • Varying sentence starters.
  • Use of paragraphs for a change of focus.
  • Use of commas to provide clarity in extended sentences.

This story is about the journey on/with the creature so don’t spend too much writing time on the discovery of the creature. The focus is the journey and the experience of that journey.

Session 4

An Incredible Journey

Take your finished story and go through it with a coloured pen/pencil checking for any errors or anything that is not clear.

Go through the checklist and identify areas that need tweaking.

Once you are happy with your story:

Type your story out in neat on the 2Do app on Purple Mash.