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6th July


6th July 2020

Hi Rabbit Class!

Hope you are all well and reading lots of different texts books, recipes, stories, instructions for games, Serial Mash books online.


Whole Class READING TASK on Purple Mash Clean Sweep in Serial Mash Emeralds. Please read this book and complete the online tasks at the end of each chapter. I have set the first chapter as a 2do so you know where to find it. You have two weeks to complete this reading.


Final week for KENT POSTER Please send me a photo of your work by Friday.


It is nearly end of term and I sense motivation is waning so this week there are a lot of videos included in plans so keep working hard only not long until the end of Year Three.


Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others. Note some tasks are optional which means you don’t have to do them.


Here are your tasks for this week 6/7/20


·         Daily Reading

·         Times tables or number bond practice www.topmarks

·         Practise READING THE TIME Purple mash, click on HOME then go to MATHEMATICS, TOPICS, TIME has differentiated tasks for all levels.

· Watch daily news


Final Edition of RABBIT TIMES will be uploaded this week so this is your last chance to showcase any photos or work on the website.


This week’s plans include lots of tasks linked to orangutans. If you like this topic you may want to find out more about other endangered species. has a whole unit in Keystage2 English. This website has plenty of useful information.

I am sure lots of you have animal books so this is the month to read them.




English linked to Geography


Session 1  An example of how animals are at risk                                                                                                                                            Watch and understand the animation clip

 Read and recognise some  film and poetic features                                                                          

Click on the above link to hear me talk you through this session. There's an Rang-tan in my bedroom! Help, before we all become extinct.

Rang Tan' is an educational film made by Greenpeace to educate people about the destruction of the rainforests due to human intrusion, primarily from the Palm Oil manufacturers. 

Watch the animation about a girl who finds a orangutan in her bedroom. This video is sending a message to everyone who watches it.


Session 2 

To write a dialogue Recap features of writing speech

No more instructional videos from me this week.

Read the poem again to remind yourself of what was said, now create a dialogue between the girl and the orangutan. short animation to recap speech marks

Use ENGLISH DIALOGUE TASK SHEET to remind you of the features.



Session 3 Work people are doing to save orangutans who have lost their homes.                                                                               

Research orangutans and dictionary work

Watch some videos about orangutans David Attenborough and the amazing DIY orangutans. Watch how they can imitate humans. Peanut the Adorable 15 Month Old Orangutan Baby | Meet The Orangutans orphaned orangutans learn to climb.


“This tiny baby is almost certainly an orphan because his mother would never have simply abandoned him in the forest. Baby orangutans stay with their mothers until they are seven or eight years old.”                                                                                                                           

Watch this video which contains lots of facts about orangutans.

Why is it important that they learn to climb? Give two reasons.

Develop your vocabulary by checking you know the meaning of all the words on list.  See VOCABULARY BANK SHEET read through this list before you watch videos as you may be able to work out the meaning from film.



Session 4   Show what you have learned this week.                                                                                                   Plan and Present some information on orangutans.                                                                               Read through ORANGUTAN FACT SHEET. Using these facts and ideas from videos watched in last session plan and write an information sheet or fill in boxed sheet. Think about key facts appearance, habitat, diet, dangers…….                                                                                                      or                                                                                                                                                                           Create a two part poster using  subheadings about the threats to orangutans, death, loss of homes and how we can help from afar and how sanctuaries try to help them to recover. Your poster should send a message just like the animation in the first session did.


USE AN ATLAS TO FIND THE PLACES MENTIONED THIS WEEK. Just because we don’t live near them, it doesn’t mean we don’t threaten them.

What other products come from rainforests?



Spellings for Group A word Families Based on Common Words: Scop and Spec

Group B choose 6 or more spellings from list to learn but make sure you understand the meanings of all words to develop your vocabulary.


ENGLISH SPELLINGS SCOP AND SPEC Sheet has word list and task.



TERM 6 SPELL CHALLENGE SHEET.** sheet 4 See 15 th June files for this

















This week you are going to follow some videos on  White Rose website  Summer weeks 9(w/c22nd June) and 10 (w/c29th June)   During the lessons they refer to worksheets but you just complete  similar tasks in your POWER MATHS.                                                                    YOU WILL NEED A RULER TO DRAW ALL YOUR LINES                                                                                                                  

Session 1 Comparing Angles p104-107 Learn how to RECOGNISE and compare RIGHT, ACUTE  and OBTUSE ANGLES.                                                                                                                     Click on this link to introduce today’s learning                                             Types of angles song Go to Summer term week 9 lesson 2 Comparing Angles. Watch the video, pause when told and try and answer the questions. Then you should be able to read and understand p104-105. Now work through p106-107                                                                          

Extra if you found book easy then work through MATHS SESS 1 CHALLENGE sheet Scroll down through lesson and just complete Activity 2 which is an online task

Session 2  Types of lines 1 p108-111  Horizontal and Vertical lines                                                          Use the same link as yesterday and follow lesson 3  video Horizontal and Vertical ignore the pause at 5.30min to complete sheets or just complete p110 now.  Second part of video is about describing lines of Symmetry You just have p111 left to do.

Session 3  Types of Lines 2  p112-115 Parallel and Perpendicular. Learn how to recognise and draw these lines  and their symbols                                                                                                                                                     Use the same link as yesterday and follow lesson 4  video Parallel and perpendicular at 4.42 pause you can do p114 b) When you are finished video then read through p112-113 and then answer p114-115                                  Extra Now look out  for parallel lines in your house, choose a room and a partner who can find the most? Or Play this relaxing fun game MATHS SESS 3 DRAW LINES GAME to play with your partner.                                                                                       

Session 4 Drawing Accurately p116-119  Measure and draw different lines accurately remember 10mm=1cm  YOU WILL NEED AN ADULT TO CHECK YOUR DRAWINGS.                                                                                                               Click on the same link and go to Summer week 10 Lesson 1 Draw accurately Watch the video but ignore any instructions to fill in worksheets just complete p118-119 and extra

Extra online measure task can be accessed for free  by clicking on Activity 2 Can you work out the measurements                                                                   

Session 5   MATHS FRIDAY CHALLENGE Sheet                                                                                               

ICT/MATHS         You should spend time doing all of these.                                                                                                                         log in to Espresso Keystage 2 maths Angles and Lines (lower)  if link doesn’t work.

Choose any video to watch to consolidate this week’s mathematical concepts.

Click on Activities for 5 online tasks                                                                                                           Line Checker                                                                                                                                                 Searching for Angles             Sorting Angles                                                                                                                      Sorting Right angles             Sorting 2d shapes              


Hope you have been working on Espresso coding units too


I have set some typing tasks on PURPLE MASH 2dos this week as well for those of you that have been doing www.BBC.typingmat. Once you have done 1 you can choose other 2type tasks I recommend HfWs word tasks as a way of practising spellings too.


FRENCH Family and Hobbies

If you have been doing the all the French tasks up to now you should be able to follow this lesson and complete the tasks. Send me a photo if you do.

There are a few new words to learn to build up your French vocabulary, watch the video and have a go at the Activites too.



Create a picture in the style of Mondrian using lines.

Look at POWER POINT PIET MONDRIAN information and instructions.








Still waiting for photos of last week’s investigation!

To compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify some magnetic materials Animation of mice using magnets

This week is all about magnets. In school we would have a large box full of different magnets. So you need to go on a hunt around your house and see if you’ve got any Fridge magnets, magnetic calendars on a radiator, a magnetic window sponge, a game…                                       Super powerful magnets watch and find out how useful magnets are in real life.

Task 1 Magnet hunt around your house to see if you’ve got any   How do magnets help in a scrapyard                                      

Task 2  predict and check                                                                                           Sort some objects into magnetic and non-magnetic e.g. aluminium foil, foil packaging, metal containers, pans, storage tins, safe metal tools, spoons, bearings, metal clips, screws, metal jewellery, paper, card, polythene, fabric, wood, plastic toys, leaves, shells, fir cone                                                                                                                                         All you need to do is choose  about 12 objects and then sort them into 2 groups magnetic or non-magnetic. Then if you found a magnet check by putting it near each object to see if it can make it move.  

Task 3   What have all magnetic objects got in common?                                                                 Watch the next video Magnets and magnetic force                       Watch this video and see if you can find the answers to these questions                                                                 What are the 2 ends of a magnet called?                                                                                       How does a compass?                                                                                                               When two magnets pull together they a______.                                                                                        When two magnets push away from each other they r__________

Keywords invisible force, attract, repel, poles