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6th July

Dear Parents,

This week, I will be in school on Wednesday and Thursday.


Hopefully, the children quickly picked up the earlier skills of adding and taking away in multiples of 10.  If they found this tricky, then please just keep revisiting this skill before moving onto this week’s task.  This week we will understand how to use this knowledge in adding 9 or 11.  I have uploaded a video of myself modelling briefly in class how we use “chips and peas” to help with understanding place value and I would encourage the children to draw this model when calculating.  It basically recreates the images that the children are familiar seeing and I apologise for my oversight in not providing this last week.  Hopefully, it did not hinder their learning.  The children really enjoy learning “harder” math in class and hugely enjoyed being able to add multiples of 10 to a two-digit number, so much so that they chose to create their own sums.  Once your child secures this knowledge, their confidence will be greatly increased and they will often want lots more calculations to practise on.  Feed this enthusiasm!!     

Task One – two options  

In class, our task on Thursday took two sessions to complete.  Therefore, we are beginning adding near tens today. You may be in a similar position (as the sheet required many calculations) so I have copied the task here.  If you managed to complete all tasks last week, then practise using the maths task 1 optional sheet in the resources. 

If you wish, call out a two-digit number and get the children add 9 by first drawing the chips (ten) and then taking away a pea.  Do not try to get them to do it mentally.

LAST WEEKS TASK Today we will use our knowledge of adding 10 to eventually help add and 9 or 11.  Ensure that they are familiar that 9 is one less than 10 and 11 is one more.  Watch the clip .  This clip focuses on adding and subtracting 9 and 11 but this is just an introduction.  Go through the ppt as the task together.  There is no worksheet just completing the questions as they go.  We will continue adding 11 next week.


My lesson  link


Task Two

If they were secure with adding 9 yesterday, then move onto adding 11 today.  Watch the ppt.  It is the same format as the one before so the children see the link between the concept.

Task Three

Consolidate their knowledge completing the question sheets.  Get the children to draw the chips and peas underneath to help calculate.  They do not need to complete the sheet – just try a few to become secure with the skill. 

Tasks Four

Today the children begin to apply their knowledge mentally by playing on-line games that consolidate their understanding in adding 9, 10 and 11. has depth charger, 100 hunt and adding 9 fairy.   

Task Five

Play a range of card and board games.  Spend time talking about numbers and place value. Even a pack of cards playing higher / lower allows for lots of discussion and talk about place value. Why do they think the next card will be bigger / smaller?  What numbers could it be / not be?     What is 1, 9, 10, 11 more or less.  Most will also love revisiting their home-made board game.



This week we will continue with our story through Purple Mash carrying out the same activities as last week.  Your child will need help reading the chapter as they are quite wordy. In class, I read the chapter through to the children and then the children read it aloud to me.     

Task One

On Purple Mash, share chapter 3 of the story of the Secret Sandcastle.  Complete the quiz and the joining word tasks.  These are fairly simple, so encourage lots of discussion about the text and extend your child verbally as necessary.   Get them to try and read the questions and identify High Frequency Words or any phonics that they do not recognise.

Task Two

On Purple Mash, in chapter 3 complete the missing words activity and, (in the class resources) there is a printable gps (grammar, punctuation, spelling) sheet.  There is also a yes / no game and a paint task.  These are optional but I know the children are enjoying them at home.


Task Three

On Purple Mash, share chapter four.  Again complete the quiz and the joining word tasks.  Afterwards, there is a simple jigsaw task.  If your child completes this quickly, then spend time on phonics play.


Tasks Four

On Purple Mash, chapter 4 complete the missing words activity and, (in the class resources) there is another printable gps sheet. 


Tasks Five

I feel that the children need to finish the story this week so share chapter 5.  They can do some or all of the tasks today, whichever they (or you ) prefer.



Our comprehension on Friday last week introduced knights.  This week we will look at what they wore.  This will link with our DT.    Watch the ppt knight armour.  There is a split pin soldier if they want to make one.


On Purple Mash, there are several games to play in the to-do section.  Please continue with coding activities to improve confidence and skills. 

DT and Art

Carry on with the tapestry work for DT, if like us, you’re still sewing!!

Follow the link, and make their own sword.  The video shows measurements but these are not important, just the general overall look is what we are after.  Upload your photos.

If they want to finish off the look, make a crown, or  princess hat (lots of tutorials on youtube). 

Next week, we will learn about the importance and decorations of shields and make our own.


Practise using your sword.  Can you swing it high / low.  Remember the video last week on purple mash.  How did the knight practise?  Can you do any fancy moves?



Try the famous heads, shoulders, knees and toes French style



See attached plan.