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4th May

Message from Mr Freeman.


Dear Otters, Parents and Carers,

Another week done and another week of impressive feedback from you all. I am so impressed with the effort that you are putting into some of these pieces of work, and I cannot wait for us all to be in class together and able to share what we have been up to.


This week we are moving on, in Maths, to addition and subtraction. We have all practiced this a lot since Christmas, so you should all feel pretty confident with it. Remember that you can use pictures/counters to help. Remember that key vocabulary:


Exchange = 10 Ones for 1 Ten    or     1 Thousand for 10 Hundreds


We don’t borrow, because we aren’t giving it back.


In English there is a slight change. Firstly, I am writing reports for you all at the moment, and would like to include a comment from you. SO for one session I have set you the task of writing a Pupil’s comment about how you feel the year has gone. Please type up your neat draft in the template I have provided. If you cannot type it up, please send me a neat handwritten copy and I will type it out for you.

Also, I want to try working out of a book again, like we did with Phoenix, and I have chosen the book Holes by Louis Sachar. It is an American book, so some of the vocabulary may seem a bit odd, but make sure you look up any vocabulary you don’t understand. I have attached a link to a person reading the book aloud, on YouTube, but if you would rather get a book and read the chapters yourself, then please do so. If you end up getting ahead in the story, might happen if you get caught up in it, please make sure that the work I set is based on the pages I set not on further reading. Also remember my key rule, NO SPOILERS.


For Science, I have uploaded a PowerPoint on water resistance. It includes a few activities for you to carry out in order to show your understanding. Including a bit of junk modelling. Please ensure, however, that when you junk model for that session, you are concentrating on the science, not just the fun.


It is also the 75th anniversary of VE day so I have set you the challenge of creating some bunting. There is a link with the steps and a template to use, feel free to jazz it up in any way you like, and share it with the world, maybe hanging it in your window or sending me a picture that I can then share on our class page.


I hope you are all happy and staying safe, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Take care,


Mr James Freeman