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4th May

Mrs Santry speaks!  She has rotated 90 degrees, which grown up can guess when she might upright again ?



This week we are going to use our workbooks to revisit and consolidate prior knowledge so hopefully the children will be able to work independently and give you parents a wonderful break.  On this note, I must say a huge thank you for your support as, I appreciate the activities I set do require a great deal of setting up and input from yourselves.  The calculations in the book are easy for the children however after spending some weeks doing capacity, money and multiplication (and of course the holiday) they may be a little rusty.  Rather than setting specific activities each day, I would like the children to complete the first Unit (Unit 7) in their workbooks.  I have also added some specific online games I would like them to play.  How you organise math this week is up to you, but please try to set aside time each day to do a mixture of both tasks.   These particular online maths games are good to keep revisiting.  You can choose to stick with just one this week or try all of them but please do revisit them regularly during Lockdown.  

Workbook pages pages 6-33 and

Counting in 2’s Pages 100-103

Online Games

Rather than specify which numbers to do, most of the topmarks activities allow you to choose the limit of your calculations. Although they have options for all operations, please focus this week on the addition tasks. Let the children start with the easier ones and then work up.  Some will be happiest adding under 20, whilst others will be able to go to 100.  I would rather they get them right than wildly guess.  It is also beneficial to have out manipulatives to help rather than just doing mentally. 

Topmarks – hit the button

Topmarks – mental maths train

Topmarks – repair the water slide

Topmarks – blast off





This week we are going to look at Japan and use a fantasy story from there.  We will also practise adjectives and learn about Haiku’s.  It would be beneficial to have learnt about Japan (done the geography ppt) before starting the Haiku work.   Next week, we will plan and create our own fantasy story.     

Task One –

Read the sheet Momotaro to your child.  Explain this is a traditional Japanese fantasy story.  Discuss the story – what was fantasy in it?  Was is a strange story?  Why?  What did they like / dislike about it?  What do they imagine the boy would look like?  This has no pictures and the aim over the next couple of days is to understand that stories can be presented and enjoyed in different ways.  Do they think pictures would improve it? 


 I have also attached a Momotaro pictures pdf.  Discuss how the images are strange to what they are used to (Japanese style).  Your child can either print them out (small versions), order them and stick them in their books and then write a sentence to go under each one  OR they can just go through the pictures online and retell the story to you in their own words (this does not need to be recorded in any way). 


Task Two

Today they will watch a short youtube clip of the story Momotoro. 

Watch Momotoro.

Did they prefer the read version yesterday or this one?  Why?  Discuss the characters.  What they were like?  Why did you like them?  Choose one of the characters.  Draw their own version of the character (how they would like to depict them) in your book of them and then write about them.  What did they look like?  How did they act?  What was funny / sad about them?  The children should plan their sentences before writing them making sure they say them aloud first.  Remind them to add finger spaces, capital letters and full-stops.  They should write entirely independently and share their work with you afterwards. 


Task Three

Please have shared the Japanese ppt by today.  Discuss the importance of cherry blossom to the Japanese.  Look at images online or go and find some. In their books, create a word bank of words or phrases (going down the page) to describe the cherry blossom.  Next to each word, count and write how many syllables each word contains. 

Task Four

Share the last ppt page on Haiku’s.  Today the children are going to try to write their own Haiku using the word bank they collected yesterday.   Remember they will need to add the syllables to ensure they get the 5-7-5 pattern.  It could be as simple as a list of adjectives ie

Pink, white, soft blossom,

Delicate, floaty and small,

Thin, paper, petals


Or it could be lines of ideas ie

Soft blossom floating,

Through the warm, beautiful day,

Like gentle, pink rain.

Task Five –SPAG

Watch the ppt on prefixes.  Explain that a prefix goes at the beginning of the root word (whereas suffixes go at the end).  Just go through the ppt with your child.  No written recording necessary.

There is also a Purple Mash prefix magic activity





Following on from one of the pages in the Japan powerpoint, I would like the children to create a Japanese inspired piece of cherry blossom art.  In class, we would do a long thin painting of a brown stem on a blue (water-colour washed) background – this would be done by them the day before.  Then we would either use tiny scrunched up bits of pink tissue paper or print using the bottom of a small plastic bottle (bobbly ones).  In light of the current situation (and not knowing your art stock at home), I am not going to direct you and these are just ideas of what we would create in class.  I am happy for you to present any way you wish.  

As an extra, and only if they want to, I have included a colouring sheet about Kokeshi dolls that are traditionally made in Japan. 



This is the last week of your projects.   Please photograph them to send to me.

Share the powerpoint on Japan and complete the first column on the worksheet.  I am happy for the children to draw or write in the boxes but it does need to be neatly presented.   



Start the coding activities set.  I am happy for the children to work through whichever ones they wish.

Purple Mash

To code.

Prefix magic

I am more than happy for children to explore different areas and games on Purple Mash as they wish and they do not just have to stick with my suggestions. 


See attached plan.