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30th March




Maths – Measuring in centimetres (cm)


Look at the PowerPoint and complete the 2 worksheets - measuring balloon strings, then have a go at accurately drawing your own lines for kites.


Maths - Measuring length in metres (m)


Look at the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet. Red and Yellow Group complete the sheet with D in the left hand corner. Orange and Green Group complete the sheet with E in the corner. Blue group complete the sheet with GD. If you want to do ALL of the sheets you can.



Spelling – To spell the ‘zh’ sound spelt with an ‘s’.


Look at the PowerPoint and complete the Wordsearch and the Letter shapes activity.



Look at the short Easter story film


Read this Easter acrostic poem.







Easter is a time when Christians think about Jesus.

A time when Jesus died on the cross.

Sad parts of the story are remembered at Easter.
There are such happy parts too!

Especially when Jesus rose from the dead.

Rejoicing happens at Easter.


Discuss features of the poem, including each line starting with a given letter from the word, lines all relating to the topic, and the fact that no rhyming is necessary.

Encourage your child to have a go at writing their own poem about Easter in their lined books.


Purple Mash – Learn about rhythm and pulse by building up various beats.


Complete the 2Beat activity in the ‘To do ‘activities.


Purple Mash Coding – Pop the bubbles


Complete the ‘Bubbles’ activity’ in the ‘to do’ activities.