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29th June

Dear Parents,

This week, I will be in school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


I appreciate the tasks last week may have been challenging (as they were in class) but these skills and knowledge will quickly come back with regular practise.    This week we will continue with addition and subtraction by adding tens and near tens to a two-digit number.   

Task One and Two

Parents, please watch the video   I am speaking a little fast for the children to follow and it is more an example for you to then show your child. We have had a problem with the program so it does glitch a little but hopefully it is enough for the purpose.  Using the sheets in the resource folders, make sure your child lays out the method as shown. 

Task Three and Four

For the rest of the week we will begin to add and subtract multiples of 10.  There is an attached ppt which is quite lengthy. You may wish to split this over two days.  The activity for the first day is to play ictgames adding 10 depth charger.   For the second day there is a sheet in the resource folder. 

Task Five

Today we will use our knowledge of adding / subtracting 10 to eventually help add and subtract 9 or 11.  Ensure that they are familiar that 9 is one less than 10 and 11 is one more.  Watch the clip .  This clip focuses on adding and subtracting 9 and 11 but this is just an introduction.  Go through the ppt as the task together.  There is no worksheet just completing the questions as they go.  We will continue adding subtracting 11 next week.


This week we will focus on reading and developing our comprehension skills.  The story is through Purple Mash.  Your child will need help reading the chapter as they are quite wordy. This story is divided into chapters and we will cover a couple each week. There are different grammar, spelling and comprehension tasks and short quizzes.  The children should be encouraged to go back through the text to find the answer rather than just guessing or relying on their memory.  

Task One

On Purple Mash, share the story of the Secret Sandcastle.  Complete the quiz and the joining word tasks.  These are fairly simple so encourage lots of discussion about the text and extend your child verbally as necessary.

Task Two

On Purple Mash, complete the missing words activity and, (in the class resources) there is a printable gps (grammar, punctuation, spelling) sheet.

Task Three

On Purple Mash, share chapter two.  Again complete the quiz and the joining word tasks.  Afterwards, there is a simple jigsaw task.  If your child completes this quickly, then spend time on phonics play.

Tasks Four

On Purple Mash, complete the missing words activity and, (in the class resources) there is another printable gps sheet. 

Tasks Five –

On Purple Mash share the Knight Comprehension. There is a short video clip and then your child is to create an information page.  They can either, do this on-line or print off the sheet and write / draw as they wish.  The tabs at the side prompts different questions that they may like to include in their fact page.  Remind them of the skills they consolidated last week producing their information page. 

There is a video of myself reading another story which you may like to share at the end.  It is optional if your child wishes to write about their three wishes.


This week we are looking at the different jobs that people did in a castle.  Share the powerpoint.  I want you to imagine you are applying for a job in my castle.  Which job would you like to do? Why? Write a letter to me telling me why you want the job and why you think you would be good at it.  What qualities or skills do you have that would make me pick you?  If you want, you can draw a picture of yourself in that role.   


On Purple Mash, there is a Pairs game. This allows them to create their own game.    

DT and Art

Carry on with the tapestry work for DT.  On Purple Mash they can create an image in the style of the Bayeaux Tapestry.


See attached plan.