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27th April

Message from Mrs Kelly


Numeracy 4 x 30 mins




Power Maths 3A


Session 1

 Lesson 8 p27-29 Comparing Numbers to 1000


Session 2

 Lesson 9 p30-32 Comparing numbers to 1000


Session 3

 Lesson 10 p33-35 Ordering numbers to to1000


Session 4

 Lesson 11 p36-38 Counting in 50s


Support for the above on BBC website home learning   22nd April Maths lesson

comparing 3 digit numbers  23rd April Maths

 Ordering Numbers


EXTRA optional task

You can watch the programme or you can just try the challenges on sheet. Week 1 Challenges

Friday BBC challenges sheet


Keep practising times tables and number bonds




How can I be a historian?

BBCbitesize daily lessons year 3 history 20th April  

Watch the videos and certainly do Activity 2 online.

Activity 1 will need adult input.   

This term’s planned topic for Rabbits was to be LOCAL HISTORY.

 Following this programme you should find out about your own house. MY HOUSE

·         When was it built? How many were built at the same time? Why?

·         Where? What was on the land before?

·         Features: old, new, renovated, extended. Has it changed? Why eg central heating, garage…

·         Before and after photos or drawings.

·         If you live in a new modern house, compare it to nearby houses.

·         ANY OTHER FACTS….







Plant Knowledge Sheet all the main facts for this term.  fascinating information




Session 1

What are the requirements for plant growth? You can use Plant Knowledge Sheet too

1.     Listen to song a few times and list the 5 requirements.

2.     Scroll down and read the information carefully.

3.   Complete the Fill in the gaps task. Now write the sentences from this task into your book or on to paper if you want to create a project to show.


  Session 2

Look at the plants in your garden, over the coming weeks watch how they change. Look out for buds, leaf size, colour change even height sometimes.

Have you got any seeds to grow at home? I know some of you have planted seeds. Are you doing the potato challenge? If you have a potted plant or you have planted some seeds then you will be able to start some plant investigations next week.


FRENCH French video La marelle

Reading and writing numbers to 10 in French.

Watch video practise counting and reading numbers then complete  French Counting  Sheet                


ICT  3 sessions  to be shared  over the coming weeks

ICT keeping safe online videos and games for parents to share with children that demonstrate some of the risks online.        Playing games online

  • Like – Being kind to others online
  • Share – Sharing videos and photos online
  • Chat – Talking to others online
  • Lock – Keeping information private
  • Explore – Exploring the internet                                                                                   Session 1 thinkyuknow 8-10s home activity sheet information for parent  7/watch/ link if you think more appropriate for your child