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27th April

Mrs Santry speaks - please dont laugh that she is upside down !



Rocking Robins !


This week we are going to revisit multiplication.  The children are familiar with counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and we have done arrays in class.  To revise how we have taught arrays, please see the examples on task three (there are two levels so decide which one is appropriate for your child – they do not need to do both).  I am happy for you to choose whether your child does the questions set on the ppt or alternatively, you can use your own.  Indeed, your own may be better suited, as you will be able to get them to extend themselves further in the way you ask the questions.

Task One

Following on from money last week, the children make links to the times tables using money.  Complete the tasks on the ppt. 

Task Two

On purple Mash go onto multiplication and the 2 simple table toons.  Let your child explore the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables using the different singing voices.  Get them to sing along and perform to you. 

Task Three

See sheet entitled task 3.   This shows how we have laid out arrays.  The children draw circles / counters in each row.  Take care that they are lined up carefully under each other.   

Task Four

This is on the ppt. 

Task Five

Do any of the purple mash or maths activities that they wish.  Alternatively, just play board games, higher and lower with a pack of cards (who can get the furthest) or, they love a game of bingo (if you have at least three people playing).  Choose 6 numbers (up to 50 or 100) and then ask simple questions what is five tens,  8 plus 4, 3 less than 20,  four lots of two etc.  Be warned, the winner gets a prize. 




This week we are going to start fantasy stories and it will continue into next week.  Please feel free to share any fantasy movies or clips with your child as the more their imagination is fed, the better their ideas will be at the end of this unit.   PLEASE NOTE - this can be a tricky unit.  A great deal of fantasy is “real” for children and I am a strong believer in keeping this magical for them and, most definitely, do not want them to stop “believing”.  Therefore, please deal with the issues in a way you feel suitable and appropriate.  I often explain that everyone says dragons are not real and are fantasy however, they may have existed as they feature heavily in historic art / writings and may still exist but are hidden (ie giant squid was thought to be a myth until recently being discovered or even Big Foot).  I always tell the children I believe as just because it is not proven, does not mean it is not real.   

Task One

Watch the powerpoint presentation “fantasy stories”.  Share the short video clips at the end.  Can the children think of any fantasy stories they have read?  Any they have watched on telly?  Get them to draw a picture of one of them and write a few sentences about it.  What is was called?  Why they liked it?  What made it a fantasy story?   It is ok for them to believe it is real. 

Task Two

Go on a fantasy story hunt.  Can they find any books, films, soft toys in their house that are linked to fantasy stories.  Pick a couple and retell in their own words what they were about and what happened?  What were the fantasy parts?  Why might people think they not be real?  This can be a grey area for children, as many of them really do believe the films they watch, and obviously we do not want to disappoint or burst their bubbles, so let your child guide you and only go as far as you feel comfortable with.  In class I often get around this by talking about space and parallel universes and who knows what can happen outside of our world??

Task Three

In class we would begin this by reading Jack and the Beanstalk and James and the Giant Peach over the week.  We would link this to our Gardens of the World and our growing things / plants topic.  We would identify the fantasy elements and realise that even normal things can be fantasy ie a giant talking spider, or totally fantastical ie a giant.  However, in light of lockdown I want to make things as easy as possible for you parents, so would like you to choose a film or book that involves fantasy (either talking creatures, fairies or a magical place).  Share this with your child.

Task Four

Following on from task three in their books draw a page down the middle.  On one side title “real” and on the other “fantasy”.  Get them to draw or write a list of things from your book or film to go in each column.  Whilst they are doing this, discuss why they have put them there.  They may choose to put one thing in the middle as it could be fantasy but something they believe in and that’s ok too. 

Task Five – SPAG

Have out the 100 High Frequency Words for them to choose from.  Play Hangman.  The children are familiar with this task and really enjoy it. 




Continue water colours from wherever you got up to from last week.  This should finish this unit. 


Again, continue your project from last week.  You will have one more week to finalise this.  Encourage the children to really think about the similarities and differences between their lifestyle and experiences and that of a child in their chosen country.  A lot of this will be discussion based and difficult to record, but the process of asking and finding how to answer their questions constantly develops their skills and understanding.  Maybe cook some food from that region, photograph it and discuss.



Continue with the espresso on-line safety clips.

Purple Mash



See attached plan.