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23rd March

March 23rd Week 1 Badgers Home Learning

Good Morning Badgers, I hope you are all well and staying cheerful. This is week 1 of our home learning. You are expected to have completed all the task below by Friday 27th March. Spread the work out please!




Spellings –  ‘sign’ words -PowerPoint, look,say,cover, cursive handwriting and wordsearch

PAG – direct speech punctuation, use of conjunctions

Comprehension – Expresso – log on student17321 password dragon, select Key stage 2, English, comprehension, The Last Wolf – read the passage, answer the online quiz answer the written comprehension in your lined book, photograph answers and email back to Mrs LD by email by Friday 9am f or marking please.

Writing – write a diary entry of one of your days at home this week. Remember this is informal writing but you still need to use correct SPAG. Try to put in some emotive language eg I can’t believe it but yes I actually do miss maths lessons after all! How can we be expected to cope without seeing our friends? Minimum length 3 good paragraphs. Photograph your work and send it back to Mrs LD by email by Friday 9am for marking, please.

Daily reading – please record your daily reading – what page you are on, once each day. You will need to tell me by email which book you are on and how many pages you have read this week – by email Friday 9am, please. Start planning what your next book will be.


Expresso – logon student17321 password dragon

Select Key Stage 2, maths, ratio and proportion – during this week watch all the video clips, try the activities and learn as much as you can about ratio and proportion. Then on Friday complete the worksheet that is attached and I will send the answers next week so that you can mark your work with your parents.


Expresso – logon student 17321 password dragon

Key stage 2, Science, Eating Moving and Growing (upper) , watch the video A Healthy Balance Diet and read the Fact File a Healthy Balanced Diet.

Study the Eatwell plate and draw on plain paper a meal that you have eaten this week – labelling the different food types. Photograph and send by email to Mrs LD by Friday 9am.

Art -– use a mobile/camera to photograph a new spring flower/bud. Study this image carefully then draw/paint on plain paper your own still life of this spring image. Photograph your drawing/painting and email to Mrs LD and I will make a class spring collage and share with whole class next week.

PE – you need to be doing 30 mins of exercise every day. If you have a skipping rope and enough space then 2 mins skipping 1 mins rest  x  10 every day would be perfect. If not then find a line that you can do two footed jumping across repeatedly for 2 mins then 1 min rest x 10. Keep a tally of how many skips/jumps you manage in your 10 x – see if you can increase your fitness over the week!