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23rd March

WB 23-03-2020


Dear Otters and Parents,


Here is the first week of lessons. I have planned extra tasks for this first upload to account for the short week that we should have ended the term on. I have organised the subjects separately so that you can easily see where the week’s learning is going in each subject. Below is a table of the Maths tasks and another for the English tasks. Please spread these tasks out over separate days. Also is a table of other subjects the children would participate in school. I have tried to make them engaging and linked to our recent learning where ever possible.


Parents, please mark the maths with the children and email me back a copy (or photo) of their final story. If you would like to attach a photo of their original draft, please do. Please have a go at what I have attached and if you are finding anything difficult or confusing please do let me know.



I would also like you to keep a weekly blog. On purple mash use 2Blog (I can’t set this as a 2Do unfortunately) to write a weekly blog telling me what you have been up to. They are private so only I can read it, but I would love to see what you are getting up to.


I hope you are all well and enjoy the Easter holidays when they arrive.


James Freeman


Week 1 – Maths – all tasks are in the same Maths power-point PARENTS BEWARE the answers are there as well so please monitor the children so they aren’t tempted to use my working out.

Lesson 1

Adding fractions with different denominators

Some of the children have seen this before and for others it will be brand new, however it will affect our future learning so worth practising.

Lesson 2

Adding 3 or more fractions

Lesson 3

Adding fractions over 1

Lesson 4

Add mixed numbers

Lesson 5

Subtract fractions with different denominators

Lesson 6

Sometimes children find the above tricky and need longer to practise. Please use this session to practise anything you felt requires more practise.

If you felt confident in all areas, have a go at this investigation:






Week 1 – English

Lesson 1

Comprehension - Oliver and the Seawigs

The children have all completed tasks similar to this in the past so should be comfortable with the expectation.

Including reading and answering questions, I suggest the children spend around 35 minutes on this task and then please go through the text with them (this could be a good opportunity to get them reading aloud) and mark it together (I have attached a teacher copy with the answers).

For the “words in context” element, please encourage the children to work out what the word might mean before they try and look it up in a dictionary.

Lesson 2

SPAG – Use of inverted commas for direct speech (35-40mins)

Go through the power-point attached and then complete the worksheet. This is revision of a skill you may feel comfortable with but will help you with your story writing this week.

Try worksheet 2 if you want an extra challenge.

Lesson 3

Plan an “Expedition and Exploration” story (35-40mins)

For the Knockholt Carnival Story writing competition. 500 word limit.

“Let your mind wander – from space, to pond water under a microscope – Expedition and Exploration is everywhere and you could write about anything! Enter into the spirit of this year’s Carnival and see what you can do!”

The title is: Expedition and Exploration

You need to plan a story. You need to plan out the character (age, job, description, personality etc), setting (where is the story happening), dilemma (what exciting thing happened?) and resolution (How did the main character deal with the dilemma). Once you have planned these parts you should develop a story map or story mountain to layout the order of the story. Next lesson you are writing the story so make sure you don’t get too bogged down in details in your map.

Lesson 4

Write an “Expedition and Exploration” story (35-40mins)

Using the previous lesson’s plan, write a 500-word story. Make sure you’re a regularly referring back to your plan so that you don’t get stuck.

Try to include direct speech that you practiced in your SPAG lesson.


Lesson 5

Write and edit an “Expedition and Exploration” story (35-40mins)

Use this session as an opportunity to finish off your story.

When you have finished, go back through the story, with a different coloured pen, checking for any mistakes. Look carefully for punctuation, capital letters and spellings. Also check to see if all sentences make sense and if you could uplevel your vocab choices.

Lesson 6

Publish an “Expedition and Exploration” story (35-40mins)

Finish any last bits of editing and then type up the story, or write it in your best handwriting. When you have finished publishing the story please email me a copy (or a photo) to read over the Easter Holidays! I am so excited to see what your amazing imaginations have created.

Week 1 – Enrichment subjects


Find a landscape of a river.

Copy it to the best of your ability, using colourings pencils, pens or paints.

Try breaking it up into a grid so that it is easier to focus on details.


Design and make a meal.

Think about what makes a healthy meal and decide on a recipe you think fits that description.

Follow the recipe and then evaluate the meal out of 10.

Make sure you work with an adult if using sharp knives or heating anything.

(This could be a good task to repeat over different sessions)


Go through the power-point on animal life cycles. Choose an animal class that interests you and then find an animal from that class (e.g. amphibian – frog) but not one that is on the power point.

Research and draw a cycle of that creature’s lifecycle and write a brief description of each stage and how it is similar or different to other animals from that class.


Purple Mash 2Do

2code – this programme is very simple and has clear instructions on how to progress through the steps.

Please start with the designated 2Do and then feel free to work your way through the sessions.

I have a long-term project in mind so make sure you complete the 2Do even if you have done it before so I can see you’ve done it.


Choose a famous river from around the world. Locate it on a map and find its source and mouth.

Research the river and create a booklet or poster all about it, including which countries it passes through, its effect on history, settlements or civilizations that have flourished on it, and any other interesting information you can find.

(This may be a good task to separate over different sessions)


Please ensure you are active in anyway you like over the coming weeks but here are some ideas that may help.


Joe Wicks, the body coach, is launching sessions every morning at 9am live on his YouTube channel.


Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.




What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat and 2/4 goat?

Also please remember to:

  • Read EVERY day. I suggest at least 35minutes and that should include reading aloud.
  • Exercise regularly – dog-walks, trampolining, bike rides or creating your own dances are all vital!
  • Practice spellings – still working from the whole term list I sent at the start of term (another copy is attached)
  • Talk and be open with each other. This could be a very tricky time and I want you all to be happy and healthy when I next see you. Make sure you don’t bottle too much up and you talk if you have any concerns.
  • Watch the news (optional) Espresso or BBC Newsround are great ways of seeing what is going on.