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20th April



Phase 3 Phonic sounds of the week -


ar, or, ur

  • car, fork, fur


Espresso- found on class page on website


Mr Thorne does phonics- online videos showing sound pronunciation (search YouTube)

Downloadable app available, this is £2.99 but an option if you prefer.


Phonics play website- lots of different phonic based games




Ideally 10 mins each day but see how you go.


Oxford owl website- sign up to access free E books for the children to read


How to teach a monster to read app

Big cats reading scheme


Practise reading phase 3 tricky words-

He, she, we, me, be

  • word hunt in the garden/house
  • Snap




Can you label the items in your fridge? Children have a go first using their phonic knowledge- sounding out and writing down each sound they can hear.


Can they challenge themselves to write a caption/sentence about it? E.g. The milk is white.


Don’t worry if it is not the correct spelling, you can then model this after they have had a go. It is important for the children to have a go first and practise their phonic skills.


Physical Development


Using a knife and fork - can you try challenge yourself and cut up your lunch/tea e.g. a carrot etc


Can you make your own lunch using play doh? Can you use a knife and fork to cut up your play doh lunch?




Can you make a shop in your garden/ house? What would you sell? How much would each item sell for? Family members buy items using coins - talk about 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50p coins.


Maths Work book


Complete pages 2-5 of the workbook. This can be done over the week in small chunks. Follow the questioning at the bottom of the page. These basic part whole models are the foundation of maths in the EYFS.




Can you use food items to make paint stamps to print? Perhaps a potato or an apple dipped in paint and used to create an interesting painting.




Cosmic yoga - YouTube


Please continue to take photos of the completed activities and add them to tapestry so we can still join your child on the learning journey.