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1st June



1st June 2020


Hi Rabbit Class!

Hope you had a lovely HALF -TERM and are ready for the final seven weeks in Year Three.

Remember the BBC have set up lots of great lessons which can be checked on a weekly plan on this link These can help you with revision of grammar, maths or History that we have already covered in class.


ICT this term will be Coding on Espresso website so you have 7 weeks to try and complete about 17 different lessons. Each lesson builds up on the skills on how to follow and create instructions for your computer.



Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others. Note some tasks are optional which means you don’t have to do them.


Here are your tasks for this week 1/6/20


Daily tasks

  • Reading
  • Times tables or number bond practice
  • Daily Exercise Watch daily news



ANSWERS FOR POWER MATHS available on google drive

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the saved folders.



Last term I forgot to mention it was Jacob who was first to complete the SUGARY CHALLENGE at 9.05 on Monday 18th.



Sometimes sheets are trickier than others so this term I am going             to add * or**

Quite challenging *

     Very challenging   **

So don’t worry if you struggle with some of the tasks.


Literacy 4 x 40 mins

READING  SESSION on Treasure House this week so log in and check what your assignment is.

Session 1  Apostrophes for contractions

  1. Reading poetry  Read ‘The Torch’ by Michael Rosen or watch him performing his poem

            Now read through poem THE TORCH CONTRACTIONS SHEET underline all the                                 apostrophes for contractions. Remember here the apostrophe is used to replace missing  letters

  1. Support if you  have forgotten how to use apostrophes to replace missing letters. Contractions game with Miss Cole to replace missing letters.



Session 2 possessive Apostrophes singular owners apostrophe to show ownership

  1. Look at powerpoint Possessive apostrophes session 2.


  1. Extra Practice

      See Treasure house* for apostrophe assignment

          Purple Mash Lily’s dog assignment



Session 3 Weekly spellings

Words ending in ure 



Group A should learn how to spell all of the list.

Group B Work on learning how to spell High frequency words as well as completing above tasks for vocabulary building.


Session 4  Non-Fiction Writing Link to geography Time Zones

Write a summary

A summary is just the main points of what you have seen and heard, This video shows you how different Townsville and Mossley are.

A Watch the video again and make notes of Khynaan’s description of life.

    Weather cyclones, activities, dangers etc

B. Write a summary of what Khynaan said about his life in Townsville Australia.


You could begin with

 It is 2pm and our teacher is making us write about our lives for English children to read. So while you are in bed sleeping, I am working really hard. My name is Khynann………………





PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO of your summary






Numeracy 4 x 30 mins                                                                                                        ICT






Focusing on times tables facts so should be revision, if you struggle with these pages you need to just work slowly. It also probably means you still do not know your 3 times and 4 times tables, so you should keep practising them.


lesson 1 Equal grouping p103-105 optional task.


Session 1 Multiplying by 3 p106-108.

                   Dividing by 3   p109-111


Session 2 3 times-table p112-114


Session 3 Multiplying by 4 p115-117

                   Dividing by 4 p118-120


Session 4 4 times table p121-123


MYSTERY AGE CHALLENGE SHEET ** for children who found above work really easy and finished early Answers for this sheet will be in next week’s plans.




Friday Challenge Sheet



How many different gadgets tell the time in your house?

You need to know what time it is where can you look?  (any screens)




CODING for Term 6




We started these units in class but then Home learning happened! So click on and find out where you finished and then from there you should begin this week.

  •  Starter Unit have you done all 3 lessons?
  •  Unit 3A has 6 different lessons
  • Unit 3B has 6 different lessons.





Science 2 sessions

If you pressed any flowers of leaves last term, they look amazing if they are laminated



SESSION 1        FANTASTIC FLOWERS Why is the flower so important?

I can identify the different parts of a flower.

I can explain what each part of a flower does.


Look at powerpoint FANTASTIC FLOWERS which has a link to a video

Slides 1-6 identify the different parts of a flower.

If you have a flower identify different parts using FLOWER TASKS SHEET p1


Slide 7 has a link to a video that tells you about the function of each flower part.

Complete FLOWER TASKS SHEET p2 linking parts of the flower to their functions


SESSION 2        FANTASTIC FLOWERS Why is the flower so important?

I can explain the process of pollination.

I can explain how pollination leads to fertilisation.


Look at powerpoint slides 8-11

Complete  FLOWER TASKS SHEET p3 *Thinking about what happens during pollination and fertilisation cut out the boxes and stick them in the correct order.


Geography 2 sessions

Fun Task                                                                                              TREASURE MAP SHEET Compass directions and treasure is not in treasure chest!     Follow the directions and mark the route on the map. Answer will be in next week’s plans.

                                         TIMES ZONES                                                                                              Learn about time zones and why time is different in different parts of the world.          Task 1 Watch video explaining time zones and why time is different in different parts of the world.                                                                                                                        Task 2 TIME ZONE TASK SHEET to read through the information and fill in gaps. Please stick these sheets in your book.

  • Task 3 Watch video exploring the experiences of two children living on opposite sides of the world.  Write up about this video is Session 4 literacy task.
  • Task 4 extra challenge TIME ZONE SHEET **

Task 5 optional Night and Day explained with activities



French 2 sessions

To  recognise and name some pet animals

To read and write the names correctly

Click on start

Choose animals than Animals-Farm


  • Yes, you must do Tutorial (lesson) first follow instructions

Remember to do Yes or No? activity

  • Games please play Four in a Row and then any other game you like.       
  • Try the multiple-choice test when you are confident.


*French folder or a Vocabulary book

copy the list of words correctly.




SING-ALONG on youtube “Avec un gros nez” Alain le lait




Linked to French Drawing animals

Illustrate your vocabulary book to make it interesting

Draw some of the animals or observe and draw your pets


Have you got any step by step drawing books find them?

If not google a step by step video drawing for kids


Just find a picture of one of the animals and copy it