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19th May

Welcome to the Circus!


Ways to introduce circus theme at home: Greatest Showman film 

Dumbo film  

Dr Seuss - If, I ran the circus - Mrs Hall reads on Tapestry see video




Revise phase 3 sounds and tricky words. Are there any sounds you find tricky? 


Espresso- found on class page on website 


Mr Thorne does phonics- online videos showing sound pronunciation (search YouTube)

Downloadable app available, this is £2.99 but an option if you prefer. 


Phonics play website- lots of different phonic based games


Try Tricky Word Trucks game




Ideally 10 mins each day. 


Oxford owl website- sign up to access free E books for the children to read 


How to teach a monster to read app

Big cats reading scheme


Practise reading phase 3 tricky words- 

He, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, her, was

  • word hunt in the garden/house

  • Make snap cards using tricky words 

  • Throw a ball/bean bag onto different words and say word 




What would be your silly circus power? Can you draw a picture of it and then label/write a sentence about it? 




Can you make your own invention? What does it do? What can you use to make it? Can you write a label for it?



Follow the link to National Oak Academy. Click Online Classroom, Schedule, Reception, Week 4.


Complete daily videos.


Non screen task option

Can you order numbers 1-20 and 1- 10 practise writing them? Perhaps with chalk or on big paper? 

Can you count backwards from 10 and 20?


Maths Book


pg 8-10


Physical development 


Throwing and catching a ball - juggling.


Throwing a ball into a hoop/bucket/ bin

Can you make your own tightrope (on the ground) and balance as you walk along it. 


Cosmic yoga - YouTube 




Can you make your own silly clown hat? 


Shadow drawing of any small world characters you have?




Can you show a family member your juggling/circus acts? Can you teach them how to do them? What do you need to tell them first? 


Do you know any jokes? Can you tell a family member your joke? Can you think of your own joke?


Family games 

  • Jenga

  • Pick up sticks 

  • Snap 

  • Board games


Please continue to take photos of the completed activities and add them to tapestry so we can still join your child on the learning journey.