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19th May

Miss Steyn says..

Owl Class Home Learning Week Beginning 18.5.20-22.5.20


Welcome to another week of home learning. It’s nearly half term and nearly time for a well-deserved break! (for everyone!)



Please spend some time over the week practising your weekly spellings. There is an attached PowerPoint Presentation that goes through the spelling rule and gives you a chance to practise. The weekly spellings for this week are:


Spelling Rule: Challenge words ending in ‘ar’ and ‘er’


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3






























Task 1: Complete Ordering numbers to 10,000 in the workbook (pages 44-46)

Task 2: Complete Rounding to the nearest 1000 in the workbook (pages 47-49)

Task 3: Complete Solving problems using rounding in the workbook (pages 50-51)

Task 4: Complete the Ordering Numbers challenge.

There are two challenges to have a go at (please try and do at least one). The answers are provided! You can record your workings/answers in the squared maths book.


Task 1: Spellings
Practise your weekly spellings and use the PowerPoint to help you. Can you write definitions for all your spelling words? Use a dictionary if you’re not sure what a word means. There is a word search to help.

Task 2: SPaG- Inverted commas/Speech punctuation

Link to video:

Go through the PowerPoint and watch the video. Inverted commas can be a bit tricky to understand as there are lots of rules.  Complete the speech punctuation activity where you need to punctuate the conversation between the two monsters, Grig and Harl. Then have a go at continuing the conversation making sure you are using inverted commas correctly! Don’t forget to always look out for inverted commas when you’re reading!

Task 3: Reading Comprehension

Complete the reading comprehension activity on Treasure House.

Task 4: Creative Writing
This week I am going to give you a story starter (see below). Copy this into your book and then carry on the story…


Bleary-eyed, I went downstairs for breakfast. The house was empty, even the furniture had gone...


Other tasks



Go through the PowerPoint presentation all about going on an invertebrate hunt in your local habitat. This could be your garden, local park or any nearby outdoor area. Try and find some different invertebrates and record any you do find on the invertebrate hunt sheet. I have given you a classification key to help you identify what you find. After you’ve been on your hunt, choose one invertebrate to explore further. Can you draw a detailed picture of the invertebrate and include some facts about it? I wonder if you could label your drawing too!


Topic/ICT- The Blitz

Link to video where I talk about the Blitz:

Find out and learn about the Blitz that happened during the Second World War. This website is a good place to start:

Find out as much as you can about what life was like for people during the Blitz. Present your findings in one of the following ways:

·         A PowerPoint

·         A video

·         A poster/leaflet

This week I’d like you to listen to some popular war time songs.


·         We’ll meet again by Vera Lynn

·         Run rabbit run by Flanagan and Allen

·         Daisy, Daisy

·         They’ll always be an England by Vera Lynn

·         White Cliffs of Dover by Vera Lynn

·         Pack up your troubles/Long way to Tipperary (this is a modern version)

·         Rule Britannia/Land of Hope and Glory (this is a modern version)

Which of these songs was your favourite? Why did you like it? What do you think the message/purpose of the song is? Can you have a go at learning one of these songs! I know Mrs Bennett would LOVE to hear that you’ve been learning these songs as she would normally teach them to you. If you want to you can record yourself singing them and I will pass it on to her. The D-Day Darlings YouTube videos are great if you want to listen to some more modern versions of wartime songs! I can’t stop listening to them at the moment!


Optional Half Term Art Mini Project- Blitz picture!

I really enjoyed seeing your Kandinsky inspired artwork a few weeks ago and it was great to be able to put together a class video to show off all your amazing work. Since we are learning about the Blitz at the moment, I thought I’d set you a challenge! Can you create a piece of artwork inspired by the Blitz? You might want to have a go at painting a background using shades of red, yellow and orange to show the fire and then layering it with black silhouettes! Or you could do a drawing, sketch or collage? You can be as creative as you like! Type ‘Blitz art ideas’ into Google for some inspiration! If you do have a go, please send me your finished artwork via email so I can put together another video J  I can’t wait to see them!


Purple Mash

There will be some activities for you to complete on Purple Mash. Log in and go to ‘2Dos’ and complete the tasks that have been set. I will be able to see how you got on once you’ve finished.


Physical Activity
Learn the Lindy hop dance! The Lindy hop was a popular style of dancing during WW2. I have included some videos that you can have a look at, including the Lindy-Hop-A-Thon from Strictly Come Dancing 2018!  Can you learn some of the moves? Maybe have a go with another member of your family! It’s great fun but very tiring!

Make sure you try and get outside for a little bit each day. Go on a morning walk or do some exercises in your garden. Fresh air is really important!


Reading with Miss Steyn

This week there are 5 more videos to watch for our book The Girl Who Stole An Elephant. We will finish the book this week so I will have a think about what our next class book will be! I hope you enjoy J

1. Chapter 34, 35 and 36:

2. Chapter 37, 38, 39 and 40:

3. Chapter 41, 42 and 43:

4. Chapter 44, 45 and 46:

5. Chapter 47 and 48:


Ultimate Kahoot Quiz
Because it’s the last week of this half term, I have put together an ultimate Kahoot quiz for you to have a go at!


Pin: 02694349


Don’t forget to spend some time every day reading and practising your times tables. You can complete the Daily 10 everyday too


If you’d like to continue keeping up to date with the news, watch the daily and weekly news on Espresso (weekly news updated every Thursday). Newsround is also another good one to look at


Miss Steyn’s Brainteaser of the week:

What do the initials GA stand for in netball?

If you think you know the answer, email me and I will let you know!











Have a happy half term everyone!


Speak to you soon,


Miss Steyn J