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19th May




18th May 2020


Hi Rabbit Class!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week’s tasks.

 Last week of term 5 work and then it’s HALF -TERM.

Thank you for the work you sent me last week I enjoy reading all the different genres recipes, poems, stories and factual pieces.


Remember the BBC have set up lots of great lessons which can be checked on a weekly plan on this link

Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others.


I hope you have all looked at Serial Mash and have started to read some of the books there.

Here are your tasks for this week 18/5/20


Daily tasks

·         Reading

·         Times tables or number bond practice

·         Daily Exercise  

·         Dance mat typing 



I have saved answers to Power Maths 3 in the above link. It is the most efficient way for me to post answers. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the saved folders.



Last week’s ANAGRAM champion was Toby who manged to find all three names before 11am on Monday.

This week’s challenge is to find the names of chocolate bars on the  SUGARY CHALLENGE SHEET



Boris Johnson has said Year 3s will not be going back first, so you will definitely have some more Home Learning after Half term. I would like you all to practise reading the time on clocks in your house. There are no worksheets just look every day and try and work out the hour and the minute hands. “Practice makes Perfect”.



Literacy 4 x 40 mins


READING  SESSION on Treasure House this week so log in and check what your assignment is.

Session 1 Abbreviations Watch this video and then you should guess what an abbreviation is

Abbreviation Sheet See sheet to explain what an abbreviation is with examples and then complete  TASKS A B and C.


Session 2 Poetry

See Poem Week 6 sheet

Read poem and look for poetry features.

Try to read poem with expression to your family

Write two more verses following the poet’s pattern.


Session 3 Weekly spellings words ending in ary

Watch POWERPOINT and complete dictionary task.


WORDSEARCH for practice.

Group B should be focusing on mastering HfW spellings


Session 4 Creative Writing

This is a moving picture to inspire you to write a story, there is a picture copy page but it is not as effective. So please try and use website.

Think about the questions and then plan and write your story about LIGHTHOUSE TOWN


 PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO of your story you have until the end of half term to finish it.