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16th April

 We hope you all managed to spend time as a family over the Easter break, enjoying the sunshine, eating far too much chocolate and maybe the odd evening tipple (parents!).


As we start back, as such to a new term we just wanted to share something we saw over the Easter holidays from the ‘Planting Seeds EYFS Consultancy’ Facebook page that really struck a cord with us.


'I’ve heard from and spoken to lots of people worrying about how to support children’s learning whilst they’re not at school and wondering what will happen once they return (whenever that may be).


Elaine sums it up in this post. We don’t need to worry about maths and reading and writing. These are unprecedented times but not being at school is not the end of the world and, I don’t believe, will impact long term on our children (although it may do for the better?). You know what (I believe) will impact though? Levels of wellbeing. Happiness, good mental health and low stress levels mean EVERYTHING. Don’t stress over homework. Don’t worry about worksheets. Focus on opportunities for play, talk, stories, feeding the birds, time in the garden.


BEST:Bennett’s Education Services & Training’


We will of course be setting different activities from across the EYFS curriculum each week for the children to complete but also remember that it is ok to have a pj day or go on your own family learning adventure.


Phase 3 Phonic sounds of the week -


oo short, oo long

cook, moon


Espresso- found on class page on website


Mr Thorne does phonics- online videos showing sound pronunciation (search YouTube)


Phonics play website- lots of different phonic based games




Ideally 10 mins each day of but see how you go.


How to teach a monster to read app

Big cats reading scheme- start on pink A


Share story books together.

What is your favourite book? Why?


Understanding the World


Over the last couple of weeks I have explored new places within walking distance of my house. As a family we have been on many adventures and picked up lots of sticks, pine cones and dandelions. I never realised how beautiful it was. With this in mind can you take a photo of something you find interesting/beautiful/ intriguing outside? This can be in your garden or from your daily exercise/walk.


Can you then write a sentence/ caption about your photo. Remember to have ago first using your phonics knowledge (sounding out each word) before mummy and daddy help  you.




Cosmic yoga - YouTube


Please continue to take photos of the completed activities and add them to tapestry so we can still join your child on the learning journey.