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16th April

16th and 17th April 2020


Dear Otters, Parents and Carers,


I hope you all had a nice break over Easter, it certainly has been lovely weather and I hope you all got to enjoy it in some manner.


As this week is only short and we all need to get back into the swing of education I have supplied a limited number of activities. Feel free to enrich this with your own activities or challenges, including anything from the list of websites I shared before the holidays.


I have enjoyed seeing some of the children’s blogs on Purple Mash, but please remind them it should be added to every week. You can include anything you create on purple mash, or photos of your own. Some children have included photos from their dog walks, doing homework in the sun or playing games with siblings.

If you are having difficulty adding to the blog, please make sure you are clicking on the green cross at the top right to add to the blog and not just editing the description.


Thank you also for your brilliant stories, I have read most of them and they have been really exciting. I hope you enjoyed writing them.


This week will be our first introduction to the Power Maths books. Each week I will set specific tasks and pages to be worked through, please ensure the children keep to those pages. The work that we are completing in the books are revision for most of us. With that in mind I have set multiple “lessons” for each day. However, as the work increases in difficulty through each lesson please don’t push to try and complete it all. For some, the tasks may get too difficult sooner than it will for others.

To support this, I suggest that the children look to complete 30-40 minutes total of Maths four times a week. If I have set 2 “lessons” in a session then please split the time set aside for maths equally between them. So 15-20minutes per “lesson” if I have set 2 book lessons.

These books are new to the school so it may take a little longer to get used to it, however the content should be familiar to most of us.


Thank you again for all your hard work during these strange times, I hugely appreciate your efforts and I hope it will not be for too much longer.


If you are not sure on any area of the work please do contact me via email and I will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.


Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


James Freeman

Otters Class Teacher