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16th April









Easter Break

Easter Break

Easter Break

Maths – Measuring in centimetres.

Complete pages 58-60 in the ‘Power Maths Year 2 Practice Book 2B’.


(If you have book one complete the first 2 pages, starting at the beginning)


Maths – Measuring in metres.

Complete pages 61-63 in the ‘Power Maths Year 2 Practice Book 2B’. Where it mentions classroom, use a room in your house.


(If you have book one complete the next 2 pages)





English – Spelling


‘zh’ sound spelt ‘s’

Look at the PowerPoint and complete the relevant sheets.

English – Grammar


Look at Treasure House (Collins Connect) Unit 3 Expanded Noun Phrases which has been assigned to Squirrel class as homework.






ICT – E-safety


Look at the 2 ‘Smartie the Penguin’ PowerPoints then complete the Advice Bubbles. In the ‘Thought Bubble’ write all the things that you do online. In the ‘Speech Bubble’ write how you can stay safe while doing these things.



Topic – History of Toys


Look at the Early 20th Century Toys PowerPoint .


Complete the comparison sheet. Red and Yellow Group complete the first sheet. Orange, Green and Blue group complete the second sheet.