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15th June



This week please send me:

- Your writing through Purple Mash (Set as a 2Do). Make sure you do this after you have drafted and edited your work.

- Something you are proud of.


We are starting our new books this term. They have been designed to ensure the children have the best opportunity to cover all areas of the curriculum before the summer holidays.

Please follow the sessions I have laid out and only complete the tasks I set. If you finish it quickly, then feel free to use the extension tasks and then, if you would like, find further sessions on BBC bitesize; or National Oak Academy.



Main Task

Make sure you have a go at the “Discover” page first, before looking through the “Share” which explains the process.


(Optional challenge)

Lesson 1

Adding Fractions (1) – Pages 40-43

Watch this video to help:

Fraction Star Challenge – sheet in resources or watch the video and pause at the appropriate points.

Answer is in the video.

Lesson 2

Adding Fractions (2) – Pages 44-47

Watch this video to help:

Mixed Number Maze

Find your way through the maze only passing through boxes that =10 exactly.

Answers on second document.

Lesson 3

Subtracting Fractions – Pages 48-51

Watch this video to help:

Fraction Pyramid Sheet

Add and subtract fractions to fill the pyramids. Two boxes next to each other add together to make the box above.

Answers are on second document.

Lesson 4

Multiplying Fractions (1) – Pages 52-55

Watch this video to help:

Graham is serving pizzas at a party. Each person is given 3 4 of a pizza. Fill in the table below to show how many pizzas he must buy for each number of guests.



















  • Will he have left over pizza at any point?
  • Can you find a pattern for the number of guests needed to have no left-over pizza? (You may need to continue the table to find a pattern).
  • Can you explain why this pattern occurs?

Answers are at the back of the maths books.


This week’s English is based around the Purple Mash book “The lost Myth of Mathos”.

You will need to access Purple Mash to complete some of the tasks.

Session 1




Purple Mash 2Do – The Lost Myth of Mathos

Read chapter 3 and complete the multiple choice comprehension.

Complete the sequencing task in the resources folder.

Challenge: Open ended question sheet in resources folder

Make sure you answer these in full sentences that include the question.

SPAG – LMO Mathos_Chapter3_SPaG

PDF in the resource folder.

Session 2

The Beast – Planning a description piece

In this chapter we are introduced to the creature: Kraken.

This week I want you to write a detailed description of a mythical creature.

Either: Write a description of a Kraken.

Or: Write a description of your own monster.

Today I want you to plan your creature.

If you are doing the Kraken, watch these videos and record the information on the planning sheet:

If you are doing your own creature, draw a picture on the planning sheet and then add in details. It doesn’t have to be a sea monster, but your detail must be thorough.

Session 3

The Beast – Write your description

Use your plans from yesterday to write your description. You should be looking to write 3-4 detailed paragraphs, obviously some will do more and some will do slightly less but that depends on you and your self-drive.

MAIN FOCUS – paragraphs

Try to describe a feature of your creature in each paragraph. So spend one paragraph talking about the tentacles, what they look like; their strength; any similes.

Use the checklist to guide your writing.

Remember this is a description as if you’ve seen it, not a report that tells us indepth details of what features are used for.

Session 4

The Beast – Edit and Publish

Edit your writing – go back through your writing, make sure you have accurately punctuated your writing and chosen powerful vocabulary to describe your beast.

Have you included details for different senses?

Have you included details of the full creature? Size? Arms/Tentacles? Eyes? Roar/screech/whisper? Etc.

When you think it is the best bit of writing you can do:

Publish your description on Purple Mash 2Do.


Week 8 – Enrichment subjects


Greek Art-   Architecture

Research the different types of columns used by the Greek architects and record some information you have found out.

Ancient Greek architecture

Fold a piece of paper into four spaces and have a go at drawing the different column types.


Homes- my room

Follow the link and then, in the grey box:

  • Select the topic as: Homes – my room
  • Select Activity as: Lesson
  • Click “Let’s go Learn”
  • Click “Full Tutorial”
  • Follow the instructions.

You can play games after you have learned the words.


2Do’s on Purple Mash

CHALLENGE – Free coding scenes


BBC dance mat typing


Ancient Greece Olympics

Go through the power point and complete the activities as you go.

The Olympics board game and Greek vase templates are available in the resources.


All Living Things – Classification

Vertebrate v Invertebrate

Watch this video:

Complete the ‘vertebrates and invertebrates’ worksheet.

Challenge: Observe the creatures that you can identify in an outdoor space and classify them according to this week’s learning.


Watch these videos for how to throw accurately over arm. With a soft ball practice aiming at a target (a piece of paper, a tree, a cricket stump etc). Try to focus on getting your body in the right position and shape.

Throwing 1

Throwing 2

Other Options

Cosmic Kids Yoga – search YouTube

Joe Wicks – daily PE lesson on YouTube



Kate’s mother has 3 children. Two of them are called Snap and Crackle. What is the third child’s name?


What gets wetter the more it dries? TOWEL

Also please remember to:

  • Read EVERY day. I suggest at least 35minutes and that should include reading aloud.
  • Exercise regularly – dog-walks, trampolining, bike rides or creating your own dances are all vital!
  • Practice and revise spellings –working from the whole term list I sent at the start of term.
  • Talk and be open with each other. This could be a very tricky time and I want you all to be happy and healthy when I next see you. Make sure you don’t bottle too much up and you talk if you have any concerns.

Watch the news (optional) Espresso or BBC Newsround are great ways of seeing what is going on.

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