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15th June



15th June 2020

Hello Rabbit Class!

Hope you are all well and reading lots of different texts books, recipes, stories, instructions for games, Serial Mash books online I am changing English format this week so there are no reading assignments on TREASURE HOUSE. Remember you can always do some assignments on your own if you enjoy these.

You should start your new Maths book this week too but keep practising times tables.

I have set some work on Fractions which we have not done in class this year. I have linked session objectives to BBC home learning and www.iseemaths  lessons too. You don’t need to follow both. Please email me if you have any queries. Please note new Maths Book has answers at the back.

Purple Mash 2dos are optional unless I name one in the plans below.

Remember the BBC have set up lots of great lessons which can be checked on a weekly plan on this link These can help you with revision of grammar, maths or History that we have already covered in class.

Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others. Note some tasks are optional which means you don’t have to do them.

Here are your tasks for this week 15/6/20

  • Reading
  • Times tables or number bond practice www.topmarks
  • Daily Exercise  
  • Watch daily news

Sometimes sheets are trickier than others so check before you panic

Quite challenging *

Very challenging   **

So, don’t worry if you struggle with some of the tasks.

SPELLING CHALLENGE for children who find weekly spelling lists easy.

These sheets are tricky so you must know how to spell all the list words before you print off these sheets TERM 6 SPELL CHALLENGE SHEET.**

There are 6 sheets which ask you to spot and correct the spelling mistakes and 6 answer sheets for you to check (one sheet per week). Pages are not linked directly to any specific spelling rule but cover Year 3 4 statutory spellings.







Home School Booklet Journey to the Jungle p2-9

Please note I have made donation on behalf of the group as requested on sheet 1 of the booklet.

A change this week, you are going to try and work through this booklet over the next few weeks.  I will set some pages and you just need to read and then follow the instructions and use the web links to help.

Session 1 P2-4

P2  A clip from The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe.


Listen to the Jungle Log

P4 meaning of words.

Session 2  P5-6 Synonyms

Please make an effort to write interesting sentences p6

Session 3 P7 Comprehension

(answers are on p20 of this booklet)

Read p3 again and then answer questions on p7

Session 4 P8-9 Poem

Read list poem 10 Things in an Explorer’s Rucksack 

Then read instructions on how to write your poem

P9 Plan your poem then write edited poem in you try to add some illustrations to make it more appealing to Reader.


Spellings           Silent letters Revision and HFWs for Group B.

Watch power point.

Group B should complete WORDSEARCH but focus on learning HFWs.

Group A should complete CRACK THE CODE SHEET



write      wrote



knock   Knockholt

thumb crumb  numb  lamb




HfWs would could should which while where which





I am going to set work in your Power Maths Home edition but you should try to complete Book 3 as well if you have fallen behind. Note some lessons are repeated in new book eg 3times tables and 8 times tables lessons.                                                                                               

Rather than power points this week try following BBC maths lessons and then fill in you work book later.


Follow so watch video and try worksheets which are just under video  each day and then complete workbook p36-51 at the end of the week.

 I recommend all children watch first video on this link Why Fractions 8th June

Session 1 Introduction to fractions

Watch videos and complete quiz but not worksheets  

Week 3 Fractions p36-37 introduction                                                 

P38-39 Whole and parts task

Session 2 3  Unit and non-unit fractions

Identify the fraction shaded

Watch the video                                                                                              

Download and Complete Activity 1 sheet  

Activity 2 is an online reasoning task

P40-41 Unit and non-unit fractions introduction                                          

P42-43 task

P44-45 introduction 

P46-47 practice   

Optional Unit and non-unit fractions online tasks   

Session 4 Tenths

Watch video complete Activity 2                                     

Online task Activity 1 is an optional sheet      

P48-49 Introduction                                        

P50-51   Practice 

Session 5  Fractions as numbers 1

Fractions on a numberline

Read through examples  with an adult then complete  

Activity 2 Plotting Fractions on a number line is an excellent interactive explanatory task

Start at step 5                                                                                   

Step 6  recaps counting in tenths (session 4) 

Step 7* 

Step 8                              

Activity 38 is an excellent task to check understanding


Lessons on 8th - 11th June linked to planned sessions1-5

These are video lessons with worksheet + answers sheet.

 Click on link then Scroll down until you find Video Why Fractions 8th June        

Dated on link as Week Beginning 8th June, Fractions

Day 1: Why Fractions? 8th June

We look at different contexts where fractions are used and focus on dividing small quantities.   THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INTRODUCTION TO FRACTION TOPIC

Session 1

Day 2: Comparing Parts 9th June

We compare a part with the whole in a range of real-world contexts. EXCELLENT FOR PARTS AND WHOLES

Sessions 2 and 3

Day 3: Fractions of Shapes 10th June

We look at a range of shapes that have been split into different parts, working out the fraction of each area.

Session 5

Day 4: Line Up, Fractions! 11th June

We position a range of fractions on the number line.

Day 5: Order and Compare

We use the visual representations used so far to compare and order different fractions.

Science  2 sessions

Sun safety

You already know how to stay safe in the sun remind yourself by listing 3 things that you should do before going for a walk on a sunny Summer’s day. This lesson focuses on how to protect your eyes.

  • I can explain the benefits and dangers of the sun.  Slide 2
  • I can explain about UV light and its dangers.     Slides 3-4
  • I can describe ways to protect our eyes from the sun. Slides 7-9

Watch the POWERPOINT SUN SAFETY to teach you how light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways you can protect your eyes.

Task A Set up an investigation to show the effects of UV Light see slide 5

Task B Use a mirror to see how your pupil changes size by opening and closing your eye. see slide 6                                                                                     

Task C Now draw your eye and label all the parts and explain what they do Use this link to find the functions of each eye part

How to draw and label part of the eye

Session 2 How to protect your eyes Slides 7-9

Task D  Slide 10 Create a poster to highlight the importance of protecting your eyes from sunlight

Make a poster to advertise your sunglasses or sun hat. Give your sun protection item an interesting name, and tell your customers how the sun can be dangerous and how your item helps. Make sure your poster is bold and bright so it catches people’s attention!


Task C is your drawing challenge so watch the video and try hard with details eyelashes, eye brows shape of eye shape of pupil and iris etc.


CODING for Term 6

Click on and find out where you finished and continue on from there

  • Starter Unit have you done all 3 lessons?
  • Unit 3A has 6 different lessons
  • Unit 3B has 6 different lessons.



To  say, read and write simple sentences about brothers and sisters

Click on start

Choose family siblings

  • Yes, you must do Tutorial (lesson) first follow instructions.
  • Notice when there is more than 1 there is an s on the end you do not sound this s. J’ai une soeur or J’ai deux soeurs

Remember to do Yes or No? activity

  • Games please play HANGMAN and then any other game you like.       
  • Try the multiple-choice test when you are confident.

*French folder or a Vocabulary book no writing this week in book focus typing sentences on HANGMAN


NOTE IN FRENCH all nouns are either masculine words un eg un père


Feminine words une  eg   une mère.

Un or une can mean either a or one

J’ai  une mère. I have a mother.

J’ai une soeur I have one sister

J’ai un frère I have one brother.

J’ai deux frères. I have 2 brothers.


Topic UK

Where I live Finding out about kent

This week the focus is on geography.

  • Can you locate your county on a map?
  • Can you name nearby counties?
  • Can you colour in and name any other counties that you have visited?
  • Can you answer some questions about Kent?

What is a country?

What is a County?

Look at the POWERPOINT COUNTIES WEEK 9 to answer this question.

Please complete the GEOGRAPHY TASKS SHEETS

Page 1 a map to look at.

Page 2 task a map to colour

Page 3  question task with map

I have included maps in case you don’t have access to any. Colour in the map neatly and colour the English Channel blue too. You won’t be able to fit names on map so look at my examples in the boxes.



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