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13th July

Owl Class Home Learning Week Beginning 13.7.20-17.7.20


This is our last full week in Owl Class! I can’t believe it is nearly the summer holidays!



This week there will be 4 maths lessons to complete. There is no challenge this week. We will not be using the Power Books for the final two days of home learning, so this brings us to the end of our maths ‘lessons’. I hope you have enjoyed the tasks and the videos! If you want to, over the summer holidays it might be worth practising using money (especially now we have covered decimals) and telling the time. You can use the pages in the Power Maths book to support this. 

Lesson 1: Writing decimals (pages 84-87)

Video lesson:

Lesson 2: Comparing decimals (pages 88-91)

Video lesson:

Lesson 3: Ordering decimals (pages 92-95)

Video lesson:

Lesson 4: Rounding decimals (pages 96-99)

Video lesson:



Task 1: Spellings
I have provided you with the table of Year 3/4 spelling words again this week. Spend some time this week practising as many of the words from this list as you can. I have given you a fish template that contains all the spelling words (there are 2 fish). Test yourself and if you get the word right, colour that part of the fish in! How colourful will you fish be?

Task 2: Reading Comprehension

Complete the reading comprehension activity on Treasure House.

Task 3: Creative Writing- Summer acrostic poem

Can you write an acrostic poem using the letters in the word Summer? Write your poem out neatly and decorate it with drawings/pictures that remind you of Summer. I have given you some Summer page boarders you can use to present your finished poem if you’d like.





Other tasks


RE- Hinduism

For the final part of our learning about Hinduism, we are going to explore some special festivals. Go through the PowerPoint to learn about some special Hindu festivals, Holi and Diwali. There is a video to watch about the story of Rama and Sita.

Task 1: Holi- What do these colours mean to me?

Colours play a very important role in in the Hindu culture and religion. Each god and goddess is represented wearing specific colours, creating an environment to evoke certain feelings and emotions. Look at the colour wheel on the sheet and annotate it with your thoughts and feelings about how the different colours make you feel and what you associate with them.

Task 2: Design your own Diwali Rangoli pattern

Use the dots on the grid to create a beautiful Rangoli pattern. Add colour to make it really special. I have also given you some Rangoli themed mindfulness colouring. This might be a nice activity for you to do with other members of your family. It is very relaxing!


Art- Drawing Owls (since we are Owl class!)

Follow these videos to learn how to draw an Owl. These videos are fun to follow and are a nice, easy way to switch off and relax for a bit. I’d love to see a photo of your finished Owl!

Simple Owl:

More advanced Owl:


French- Food in a restaurant

Click on the link which will take you to the French Games website.  Click on the topic ‘Food’.  There are lots of different areas to explore, but I’d like you to click on the one that says ‘restaurant’ which will allow you to learn some words for foods you might order in a restaurant. Start off by clicking on the ‘Full Tutorial- All activities’ button. This will take you through a series of different activities. Once you’ve worked your way through the activities and have spent some time practising, you can have a go at some of the games. There are loads of types of games you can play, including hangman, four in a row and mix and match! Then there is a chance for you to test your knowledge to see how much you can remember!


REALLY IMPORTANT Maths for next week

For next week’s activity I need you to email me your favourite ice cream flavour out of the following options: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, mint choc chip or cookie dough.

Please only choose one! All will become clear next week…


Reading with Miss Steyn
Here are the links to the next two chapters of Matilda. They are both quite short chapters. The final two chapters will come next week!

1. The Names:

2. The Practice:


Purple Mash

There will be some activities for you to complete on Purple Mash. Log in and go to ‘2Dos’ and complete the tasks that have been set. I will be able to see how you got on once you’ve finished.


Physical Activity
Try this Cosmic Kids Yoga video:

It’s a little bit silly and fun, but it’s a good way to learn and practise some yoga moves!

Make sure you try and get outside for a little bit each day. Go on a morning walk or do some exercises in your garden. Fresh air is really important!


Don’t forget to spend some time every day reading and practising your times tables. You can complete the Daily 10 everyday too


If you’d like to continue keeping up to date with the news, watch the daily and weekly news on Espresso (weekly news updated every Thursday). Newsround is also another good one to look at


Have another great week of home learning everyone.


Speak to you soon,


Miss Steyn J