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13th July

This week please send me:

- Survival Guide for new Otters

- Something you are proud of.




We are starting our new books this term. They have been designed to ensure the children have the best opportunity to cover all areas of the curriculum before the summer holidays.

Please follow the sessions I have laid out and only complete the tasks I set. If you finish it quickly, then feel free to use the extension tasks and then, if you would like, find further sessions on BBC bitesize; or National Oak Academy.




Main Task

Make sure you have a go at the “Discover” page first, before looking through the “Share” which explains the process.


(Optional challenge)

Lesson 1

Adding and Subtracting Decimals (4)

Pages 104 - 107

Watch this video to help:

Adding and subtracting decimals challenge.


Answers in the document

Lesson 2

Multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000

Pages 108 - 111

Watch this video to help:

multiplying decimals challenge


Answers in document

Lesson 3

Dividing decimals by 10, 100, 1,000

Pages 112 - 115

Watch this video to help:

Dividing Decimals Dominoes


Answers in document

Lesson 4

Metric Units

Pages 148 – 151

Watch this video to help:

Imperial Units

Pages 152-155

Watch this video to help:

Metric Units Challenge


Answers in document


Answers are at the back of the maths books.


This week’s English is based around the end of the Purple Mash book “The lost Myth of Mathos”.

You will need to access Purple Mash to complete all of the tasks.

Session 1


Comprehension – World of Warriors

Challenge question included.

Answers in same document

Session 2


Create a survival guide - Plan

This is your last full week as an Otter, and it is time to share what you have learned. No, not Maths, English or Science… How did you survive Otters and Mr Freeman!!!

Time to think through all those times you’ve rolled your eyes as Mr Freeman complains, again, about capital letters and full stops. Or maybe you have some advice about the best way to ensure you have fun in school. What ever you do…don’t mention Mr Freeman’s “secret” sweet stash.


You are allowed to include what you like, but make sure you stay respectful, especially if you want this shared with the new Otters.


If you need some inspiration, look through the planning sheet I have included to get you started. Spend some time thinking through what you want to include and how you are going to structure your survival guide.

Session 3


Create a survival guide – TAKE YOUR TIME

I want you to create this piece of writing, so I am leaving it up to you on how you want to create it. I suggest draft and editing, to make sure you don’t have to ruin any final pieces, but it is up to you.

It is up to you how you want to present your survival guide, but it needs to be beautifully presented and should show off your ability as writers.

You could do a poster, a leaflet or a pamphlet. You can create it on a computer or using pen/pencil. Be creative and show flair, but make sure it is usable.

Make sure you write using correct sentence structure, punctuation and spellings.

Take time to ensure it is presented really well and includes lots of top tips for surviving Otters Class.

You are welcome to add artwork to give it some wow factor.


Once I have seen them, I may share some excellent examples with Owls class.