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13th July


13th July 2020

Hi Rabbit Class!

So this is the final full week of Year 3

Hope you are all well and still willing to do a little bit more work.


Only seven days to end of term! Motivation is waning for some, but there are children who seem to be on a final sprint really producing fantastic work. This week, try on your own without any adult help, to produce a wow piece. If you do this, you can prove to yourself how much you have learned this year. Send me a photo if you’d like to share it or just file it in your Anthology for September.


Here are your tasks for this week 13/7/20




This week’s plans include lots of tasks linked to our oceans. If you like this topic you may want to find out more about other endangered species. has a whole unit in Keystage2 English. This website has plenty of useful information. whales learning video for kids






 English linked to Geography focus on the oceans this week The Best Whale Moments Captured on Film.

In class we would be watching lots of clips this week at different times depending on where children’s questions and interests lead  but there are too many to  copy here so just choose your own.


Session 1 Reading for factual retrieval Watch David Attenborough’s clip from Blue Planet series describing size. Our planet humpback whales.

Watch these two David Attenborough clips and they should make comprehensions easier


Whale comprehension will give you lots of information about whales to help you with this week’s work. Read through the text and then try to answer the questions.                                                                                                                                      Choose either ENGLISH COMPREHENSION 1SHEET or ENGLISH COMPREHENSION 2**  Well done for doing comprehension


Session 2 Comparing two poems

You will need this ENGLISH WHALE POEMS SHEET for poems and task. As an introduction read through the two poems. Then listen to my commentary…

 Click on this link                                        

Compare two poems

Don’t forget to fill in the comparison sheet. Practise reading second poem aloud and ask an adult what they think it is about.


Session 3There’s a whale in the bathroom..”                                                                                   Remember last week’s Rang-tan poem I want you to create your own story/poem using the same structure.                                                                                                                       Click on the link   and I will talk you through planning your story/poem.


Session 4 Write up and illustrate your story                                                                                 Edit your plans from yesterday and check that the message is clear keep our oceans clean. Write up your story with illustrations. Is this going to be your best piece of writing this year? It should be because it is the final one. PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO

No spellings this week.

TERM 6 SPELL CHALLENGE SHEET.** If you have been doing this task, finish it this week and test yourself on ones that you got wrong first time .







2D and 3D shapes Sessions 1-2

For first 2 sessions you are going to continue watching videos on White Rose website  week 10 (w/c29th June) lessons 2 and 3 will help you understand tasks in your POWER MATHS.

You will also need SHAPE WORD MAT Sheet to help you

Session 1 Recognising and describing 2D shapes p120-123 Week 10 Lesson 2 watch the teaching video and complete the tasks before doing pages in your book.

Session 2  Recognising and describing 3D shapes p124-127                                                                                             Week 10 Lesson 3 Recognise and describe 3D shapes. Watch the teaching video.                                                                                                   Now you should be able to fill in Power Maths p126-127 using shape mat to help you.                                                        Extension if finished quickly try MATHS 3D CHALLENGE SHEET


Adding and subtracting Fractions on different website Session 3-4

Session 3  Adding Fractions p84-87                                                                                                Watch this video lesson and do the tasks as asked                                 lesson 13  Fractions: Adding fractions with the same denominator.                                    For extra practice complete pages in Power Maths p86-87

Session 4   Subtracting fractions p88-91                                   lesson 14 Fractions: Subtracting fractions with the same denominator.                                    Watch this lesson and complete the tasks.                                                                                                    Now you can read p88-89 and then fill in p90-91                                                                                              

Extension   If you found these pages easy then try reading Power Maths p 96-97 and then solve the problems on p98-99.


Session 5   MATHS FRIDAY CHALLENGE Sheet                                                                                               








Practise drawing 3D shapes  How to draw 3D shapes Art with Mrs F.             This is a simplified way to draw the outlines of 3-dimensional shapes. In this video, Mrs F shows you how to draw transparent and solid cubes, cones, pyramid, cylinders, and a rectangular prism.

You could try using marshmallows and spaghetti to build a 3D shape!                                       

Tangrams Watch ART TANGRAMS powerpoint

                                                                            A Chinese puzzle challenge, use ART TANGRAM TEMPLATE sheet



You have completed all of the Science that can be done at home so here is a fun activity.








There is a lot of information in this section so you just choose the parts that interest you, if we were in school, we would spend the last week working through these types of tasks.

  1. Oceans follow this lesson to recap the oceans of the world and find out what currents do.                                                                                                          It will also explain how our rubbish can be carried to different places                                                                        f you click on end of lesson link Blue Planet  you will find out about RECYCLE  and REUSE

     B  These are 2 linked clips to Blue planet lesson that may interest you  a video about rubbish on the seabed                                                                             African penguins

  1. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE  these clips are actually from an Irish website but Ireland is part of the British Isles so it has similar weather and land features.   a song written and performed by children little things can create a big change.                                                                                                                                 Make a list of all the things you already do to protect our planet. Did you make the compast last term? Do you avoid wasting paper? Do you have a reusable water bottle? Do you remember to take it with you when you go out?     What is Biodiversity? This video helps you to understand how our actions have an impact and that it is important to have a variety of living things in  eco-systems.  This page will show you what parts of the world are at risk and what Greenpeace are trying to do to help.