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11th May

Mr Freeman  and Luna say..


This week please send me:

- a copy of your writing

-a quick answer to this question – would you like to do a pass it on challenge video? If yes, which song would you choose? And would you be happy for it to go on the website or blog?


For the maths tasks please try to spend no more than 40 minutes total on the lesson. All the work in these books should be revision for the majority of the class. Because of this, I have set 2 or 3 “lessons” (as they are called in the book) for each day, and I would not expect any child to spend more than 20 minutes on each “lesson”. Each “lesson” progresses in difficulty as they progress, for some children the challenge may become too difficult. If your child spends more than 10 minutes on any question, then please stop after that question and move onto the next “lesson”.


Week 7 – Maths

Pages are a bit out of order to get best mix and enough work per session.

Please remember to only complete the pages listed within each lesson.

We have spent a lot of time, in class, learning how to add and subtract numbers so you should all feel confident to do this. Remember you could use pictures to help.

If you are struggling, please email and I should be able to put together something to help specifics.


The last two sessions are focussed on statistics, which we have had limited coverage of in class. Please email me if the work is confusing and I will forward some resources to help.

If you find it confusing, please let me know and I will send something to help.


Main Task


(Optional challenge)

Lesson 1

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 82-87

  • Problem Solving – addition and subtraction (Part 1 and 2)

Challenge 1 – see challenge powerpoint.

Lesson 2

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 79-81 & 88-89

  • Using Inverse operations
  • End of Unit Check
  • Power Puzzle

Challenge 2 and 3 – see challenge powerpoint.

Lesson 3

Year 5 Practice Book A: 90-95

  • Interpreting tables
  • Two-way tables

Challenge 4 – see challenge powerpoint.


Lesson 4


Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 96-104

  • Interpreting line graphs (Part 1 and 2)

Challenge -Drawing line graphs (Not everyone will get on to this but can be used for those looking for more of a challenge)

Pages 105-107

End of Unit check and Power Puzzle


Answers should be on the pdf in the folder or at the end of the challenge PowerPoint.

Week 7 – English

Feel free to continue to listen to the story online (or read along if you have a copy of the book)



“Abberations” Comprehension sheet

Session 1

Holes – Chapter 8

Listen to/read chapter 7 if you want to continue the story but this week’s work is based on chapter 8.

Use the Power Point to guide your work

Read, listen or both to chapter 8 – where Louis Sachar describes the lizards.

This week we are going to write a non-chronological report about those lizards.

Draw a picture of the lizards, based on the information you read and then I want you to write information about the lizard around the outside.

You can use the planning sheet if you want.

You will be writing about their: habitat, appearance, behaviour and diet. So, plan your notes around that.

The book only gives you a little bit of detail so you will have to be creative and add in extra details.

Be as imaginative as you like.

Session 2

Holes – Chapter 8

Use the PowerPoint to guide your work

Watch this clip of David Attenborough and listen to the language he uses to share information about the creature.

Go back over your notes yesterday and look at the formal V informal slides in the PowerPoint.

Trying to use formal language, write your habitat and appearance passages. You should be looking for between 5 and 8 sentences each.

Use the notes you created yesterday to support your ideas.


You MUST include varying sentence starters, punctuation and capital letters.

You SHOULD include formal language and subtitles and you SHOULD avoid contractions.

You COULD include a wider range of punctuation. Such as colon, semi colon, hyphen, brackets and commas.


Session 3

Holes – Chapter 8

Use the powerpoint to guide your work

Spend 5 minutes going back over your paragraphs from yesterday. Read through it and if anything stands out as not making sense or clumsy, edit it with a different coloured pen/pencil.


Repeat the steps from yesterday to complete your paragraphs on behaviour and diet.


You MUST include varying sentence starters, punctuation and capital letters.

You SHOULD include formal language and subtitles and you SHOULD avoid contractions.

You COULD include a wider range of punctuation. Such as colon, semi colon, hyphen, brackets and commas.




Week 7 – Enrichment subjects


Sandra Silberzweig

Continuing our work on Abstract artwork, following our study of Peter Thorpe.


We are going to look at Sandra Siberzweig’s abstract portraits and use this as inspiration for our own.


This week, watch the videos about abstract art and Siberzweig and use  the third video tutorial to have a go and test out some colour combinations!


Members of the family


Follow the link and then, in the grey box:

  •  select the topic as: Family – members
  • Select Activity as: Lesson
  • Click “Let’s go Learn”
  • Click “Full Tutorial”
  • Follow the instructions.

You can play games after you have learned the words.



2Do’s on Purple Mash



BBC dance mat typing -


Compare Florida to Kent Watch the video and read the information about Florida.

On a double page:

On one page, write down things about Florida including weather, wildlife, location and other information.

On the opposite page, record information for the lake district.

If you want a challenge: try comparing it with Kent instead, but you will need to research it yourself.

Once you have information for both, compare the two. Create a list of similarities and a list of differences.


Levers and pulleys


Follow the PowerPoint and record your findings in your book.


For the investigation you could use the results worksheet or design your own way of recording your findings.


Cosmic Kids Yoga – search YouTube

Joe Wicks – daily PE lesson on YouTube



Could you build an obstacle course in your garden?

Play the floor is Lava

Create a game with rules that you can teach the class.

Develop skills within football, rugby, hockey or another sport.




A worker in the butchers is 162cm tall. What does she weigh?




Thank you for the scavenger hunt photos, some great efforts.

Also please remember to:

  • Read EVERY day. I suggest at least 35minutes and that should include reading aloud.
  • Exercise regularly – dog-walks, trampolining, bike rides or creating your own dances are all vital!
  • Practice spellings – still working from the whole term list I sent at the start of term (another copy is attached)
  • Talk and be open with each other. This could be a very tricky time and I want you all to be happy and healthy when I next see you. Make sure you don’t bottle too much up and you talk if you have any concerns.

Watch the news (optional) Espresso or BBC Newsround are great ways of seeing what is going on.