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11th May

Mrs Kelly says..



11th May 2020


Hi Rabbit Class!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week’s tasks.

Thank you for the work you sent me last week

Remember the BBC have set up lots of great lessons which can be checked on a weekly plan on this link


No assigned reading on Treasure House site this week but I want you to choose a book from Serial Mash on Purple Mash. see PURPLE MASH SHEET


Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others.


Here are your tasks for this week 11/5/20


I am still waiting for some children to send me their REPORT COMMENT SHEET


Daily tasks

·         Reading

·         Times tables or number bond practice

·         Daily Exercise  

·         Dance mat typing


Weekly News letter


Send me news and photos to add. you can watch daily news updates and scroll down to see Keystage2 News as well




Last week’s vocabulary challenge champion is Dexter                        who manged to find 60 words.




Rearrange the letters to work out who these fictional characters are

e.g.  INNARMO is Ironman





Literacy 4 x 40 mins

NO  READING  SESSION on Treasure House this week as Session 2 is like a comprehension but there are spellings to learn

Session 1 Spelling check up on knowledge of Plural Rules



Session 2 Poetry Listen to this poem

Then read poem again and fill in answers on question sheet MICHAEL ROSEN SHEET

Extra Find some more poems written by this poet.


Session 3 Weekly spellings below

See  spellings powerpoint and SPELLING DOMINOES SHEET for tasks today


Session 4 Creative Writing

I would like you to write a poem this week in any form here are some ideas

·         a funny rhyme with lots of powerful verbs

·         a descriptive poem with lots of adjectives and similes

·         An acrostic poem using the letters of any word e.g. PLANT

Use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you find wonderful words( see my alliteration)

Michael Rosen tips for writing Sheet


PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO of your poem or whatever you choose to write.







Numeracy 4 x 30 mins





Power Maths 3A Unit 2


Session 1

 Lesson 4 p51-53 Subtracting 1s from a 3-digit number

Q5 you find the answer and then you’ll spot Dexter’s mistake.

Reflect Think about when we used PV counters to subtract


Session 2

 Lesson 5 p54-56 Adding and subtracting a 3-digit number and 10s

Q2 look at how 10s column changes.

Q6 do not change the first number and add some 10s so next number is exactly 20 more.


Session 3

 Lesson 6 p57-59 Adding a 3-digit number and 10s

Q4 Do the sum and then you will see where Isla went wrong.

Q5 Might need to copy out sums one under the other to spot patterns.

Q6 Use digit cards to help find good answers. Step 1 estimate what the arrow is pointing to, then use digit cards make the sum to get this.

Eg arrow points to 515          4..   …+ …0  =  515   495+20-215 missing digits are 9 5 and 2

                                                                                   Or 485 +30 = 215 digits could be 8 5 and 3



Session 4

 Lesson 7 p60-62 Subtracting 10s from a 3-digit number

Q5 Use digit cards to help find good answers. Step 1 estimate what the arrow is pointing to, then use digit cards make the calculation to get this.

Eg arrow points to 655          7   …- …0  =  655   could be 705 – 50 = missing digits are 0 5 5 

Reflect Complete both calculation and spot the link.


EXTRA Friday Challenge Sheet





Watch this lesson which uses lots of Scientific vocabulary and should help you check that you are carrying out a fair investigation with your plants.

You don’t have to write anything down, because you wrote facts last week.

Just watch and listen.

If you didn’t set up an investigation last week are you ready to start one this week?  Remember to fill in the sheets attached to last week’s plans.



This is a lesson about Stonehenge which we didn’t really have time to investigate in class. So, you should watch it and think about comparing it to how we think The Pyramids were built.

Geography/Local Study

Introduction to Maps

Watch the videos and complete Task 1 online Compass

You should recognise the girl on the second video.


Task 2

Draw a map to show your local area your house should be clearly marked on map.

If you have any square paper it would be better than the worksheet.

Use green for Natural features

Use black for Buildings (Human Features)


This is part of our topic Local Study which is a mixture of History and Geography so please draw, colour and label neatly.




French 2 sessions  this should take you straight to lesson

Count from 11 to 20

Read and write number words 11 to 20

Click on start

Choose Numbers then Numbers 11-20


·         Yes, you must do Tutorial (lesson) first follow instructions

·         Games please play Four in a Row and then any other game you like.       

·         Try the multiple choice test when you are confident.




ART MUG SHEET Design a mug

Be creative

Find examples of VE day mugs  on Google. Images find some you like and copy the ideas but remember your mug is to celebrate the end of children  Having to stay at home.


Last week we celebrated VE day. At the moment we are living through an unusual time which will be written about in History books. The year the children didn’t have to go to school……   .

If you were reading about this you would probably have thought HOW LUCKY WERE THOSE CHILDREN! 

By now most of us are missing school, our clubs and seeing our friends and family but hopefully we will soon be able to go out again and start doing some of our favourite activities.

Look at the sheet and create lots of  cheerful images, if you glitter and sequins you could use these. When we start returning to school we can make an eye stopping display in our classroom.


ICT  3 sessions  to be shared 

ICT keeping safe online (contd) videos and games for parents to share with children that demonstrate some of the risks online.        Playing games online

  • Like – Being kind to others online
  • Share – Sharing videos and photos online
  • Chat – Talking to others online
  • Lock – Keeping information private
  • Explore – Exploring the internet                                                                                 
  •  Session 3 thinkyuknow 8-10s home activity sheet information for parent  7/watch/ link if you think more appropriate for your child