Headteacher Awards - 13th May

Headteacher Awards - 13th May


Joe - for beautiful drawing and writing in his butterfly life cycle work

Lara - for trying hard to read back over her writing to check it makes sense


Henry  - for using adjectives and commas in his writing

George - for getting all of his spellings correct


Harry C and George - for doing really well with time and using 5 minute intervals


Rex - for continued effort with times tables and his dedication for learning them

Eleanor BC - for creative character descriptions for her Stone Age adventure


Lois and Isabelle - for giving up their lunch time once a week to stick in everyones homework


Anabelle J and Abby - for their contribution to the Skellig discussion


Quinn - for working hard with others even though he doesn't always find it easy

Bobbie - for always being helpful and well mannered

Lucy - for supporting at Art club and creating the display