Weekly Work

Weekly Work

Week one - 23rd March




This is an essential part of how children learn and something that is a big part of your child’s learning in Hedgehogs. We therefore want this to continue at home 😊.




Phonic sounds of the week - ai  ee


Espresso- found on class page on website




Mr Thorne does phonics- online videos showing sound pronunciation (search YouTube)


Phonics play website- lots of different phonic based games https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/




How to teach a monster to read app

Big cats reading scheme- start on pink A




Build a dinosaur using any available construction toys or natural materials from the garden and then add a label e.g. The dinosaur, it is a dinosaur etc. Anything goes! Can you challenge them to write about their dinosaur? Use your child’s tapestry writing observations to see examples.


If they build/ make anything during the week during their play can they add a label?




Can you draw/paint/collage a picture of a dinosaur?




A weekly PowerPoint will be uploaded to the school website with short 5 minute activities. The activities can be enhanced with physical representations (use cubes, blocks, pasta, pencils to demonstrate when using number for the children to manipulate).


Outside play


Can you find something new in your garden?



Purple Mash


Please log on to purple mash via the school website to see some more activities that can be completed during this time.


Proud books


We started these books a couple of weeks ago for the children to create a scrapbook of work they are really proud of. We thought it maybe useful to continue this idea as it also creates a physical collection of their learning journey and something they can use to look back on. Please don’t feel you have to fill it up but it is there for any things you think ‘wow, I’d quite like to keep that’.


Please take photos of the completed activities (writing, building, exploring etc) and add them to tapestry so we can still join your child on the learning journey. We will also be adding things that we are getting up to as well.