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Reading Recommendations

Dear Parents,

We have put together some reading suggestions as recommended ‘good reads’ for children in each year group.  The lists are not intended to be prescriptive, nor are they exhaustive; rather they are a place to start if you need some ideas about suitable books to help you guide your children on their reading journey.  Many of the books can be found in our school library.  The lists represent a range of fictional titles across many genres.  Encourage your child to read from as many different types of books as possible.  If your child is a reluctant or struggling reader, look at the lists from previous year groups too, and ask your child’s teacher for advice.

All children (even strong, fluent readers) benefit enormously from sharing a book with an adult.  We would encourage all parents to continue to read to and with their children, discussing the story, characters and language as you go.  Make it a relaxed, enjoyable shared activity. 

If your child is too tired to read in the evening, read to them and encourage them to follow the words while you read.

In addition to these stories, children should also be encouraged to read factual (non-fiction) books on subjects that interest them and/or about topics that they are learning about in school.  Many children love to read poetry and there is a huge variety of modern, humorous, child-friendly verse in your local library and bookshops too.

The benefits of good reading habits cannot be underestimated for children of all ages.  Research continues to evidence a strong link between reading habits and achievement at all levels of the education system. Parents often ask us what they can do to help their children with their education.  We believe that one of the best things that you can do is to make reading a regular and pleasurable part of your child’s life.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Tuxworth

English Subject Leader