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Ofsted and SIAS Reports

The schools most recent Ofsted report was in 2017. Please click here to access our report on the Ofsted website. 

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You have put together a cohesive and effective team of teachers and support staff who are committed to pupils’ achievement and wellbeing. Staff share your passionately held belief in the importance of a nurturing environment and a rich, broad and varied curriculum.

At the time of the previous inspection, inspectors identified pupils’ good progress in their learning and their outstanding behaviour as strengths of the school. Inspectors also praised the consistently strong teaching seen in the school and your role in securing pupils’ positive attitudes to their learning. You have maintained and continued to build on these strengths over the last four years.

Inspectors also identified two areas for improvement. First, they recommended that teachers should give pupils more opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and ensure that they know their next steps. You have been successful in addressing this recommendation. You have given teachers opportunities to work together to plan an exciting curriculum, share good practice and check that their assessment of pupils’ work is accurate. As a result, pupils in the school, in particular the most able, continue to make strong progress in their learning. This is because of the well-planned opportunities they have to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, and the accurate information they receive about their current