Meet Mrs Bennett

Meet Mrs Bennett

Name: Tina Bennett
Position in school: HLTA
Class: Badgers

About Mrs Bennett

Mrs Bennett joined the school in 2013 having worked at Halstead Primary school for many years. She started as a TA in Year 2 and is currently enjoying all that Year 6 has to offer! As an HLTA she is responsible for delivering the RE lessons in the class. Mrs Bennett loves all types of performance and currently runs the School Choir and a Year 6 dance group. Mrs Bennett also works hard to teach the children about and make links with a school in the Gambi, West Africa where she works during the holidays for the charity COGS.

You may not know...

...that Mrs Bennett was born in Fulham and is a keen Fulham supporter. 

...that at the age of 11 she was spotted by a West End Talent scout and was offered a place at a famous stage school but her dad said no!