Leavers 2020

Leavers 2020

A video from Mrs Bennett.

You can follow this link to see the backing track on Youtube, just remember to ignore the lyrics you see on screen.

Backing track

The new lyrics are attached below this video.

Dear parents,

For this year’s ‘Leaver’s video’, we would like to make it a little bit more special and include in it, just one song from ‘Lion King’. Therefore, we need your child to film the following at home and send it to Mrs Bennett by Sunday 5th July and forward to : TinaBennett@knockholt.kent.sch.uk.


Firstly, wearing their school uniform and leavers hoodie-


  1. 10 secs of them ‘tearing-up’ their schoolwork and throwing it up in the air/ jumping/stamping on it. It must be In school uniform ripping-up paper/an old note book that ‘looks like’ school work. HOWEVER -IF YOUR CHILD IS BACK IN SCHOOL, WE WILL FILM THIS AT SCHOOL.
  2. 10 secs of them in school uniform and leavers hoodie waving goodbye with smiling faces/jazz hands- as big and bold as they like- that will be their ‘final bow’. AGAIN-IF YOUR CHILD IS BACK IN SCHOOL, WE WILL FILM THIS AT SCHOOL.
  3. 20 secs of them in their own clothes, doing whatever they like to show off a talent....... tumbling/dancing/playing an instrument/keepie-uppies with a football/juggling/ cartwheels- anything - no sound required for this because the backing track of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams will be played under it.
  4. Finally - and here’s the ‘big one’- we want every child to watch my tutorial video of me singing a new version of ‘I just can’t wait to be king!’ and they need to learn it and once they have, record themselves singing it or if they don’t want to sing it (that’s fine), at least try dancing to it, or doing ‘lion-like’/animal movements to it. Furthermore, if they could have face paints in-keeping with ‘Lion king’ and wear yellows/browns/oranges/blacks so it could visually work when we put the whole thing together. If they want to wear a lion or similar animal mask that’s great but NOT to sing in if they want a solo line please. The lyrics need to be sung really clearly to the backing track found on ‘You tube’ on the link below. My tutorial video will be uploaded later today onto the School website, on Badgers page, under ‘leavers’ and if they watch me singing it a few times, they can then try singing it to the karaoke backing track, ignoring the lyrics that are on the screen but instead singing MY lyrics that I’ve written. I’m aware some children will not want to sing at all and that is fine, but for all those who want a solo, now’s their chance! Finally, if they need any help with it, or are having trouble filming/recording it, do not hesitate to contact me.




Finally, please forward a photo of your child at reception age (4-5yrs) - ideally in school uniform, again to my email address.


I know there’s a lot to do, but this year things are very different for us all, but I still want to produce a good end of year video that hopefully highlights what an amazing class they’ve been. Max’s Dad Andrew is kindly helping pull this project together, so please make sure I have received all the footage and required photo by Sunday 5th July

Thank you in advance for your help.

Mrs Bennett.




  1. Lyrics