Keeping Fit

Keeping Fit

Zumba kids – I like to move it

Zumba kids – electronic song minions


Lots of activities and video clips to follow

Kids Home Exercises : workout to Stay Active


Simple 25 minute fitness video – basic but good introduction.


A generic google search for just dance for kids on youtube comes up with lots of videos that all seem fun and appropriate.  Too many to list individually and there is not a general website with them all on. Lots of yoga videos to follow. 30 minute yoga workout




Tumbletots run a live on facebook at 10am every morning.


Joe Wicks active 5 and active 8 on youtube.  Short 5 or 8 minute workouts. 


Little Sports has loads of youtube videos.  Cheesy American but easy to follow.

Zen Den has mindfulness activities. 


Designing your own obstacle course in the garden, timing yourself and then trying to beat it.


Going on treasure hunts – ie 5 minutes to find things on a list or things starting with a specific letter.


Playing card challenge – give each of the suits an activity is Hearts are burpees, Diamonds are sit-ups etc.  Then turn over a card and do that many of that activity.  Aim to do 5-10 cards every hour or so.


What’s your Name – I cannot find a download of this so have forwarded a screenshot.  Each letter has an activity attached to it.  Children spell their names (or any other word) and complete the activities   They could also create their own exercise alphabet. 


Skipping – learn how to jump rope like a professional with either songs or fancy moves.  There are so many out there