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An Egyptian family home by Poppy

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  • The windows were small and high to keep out the heat and let in light keeping the house cool.
  • Most Egyptians built their homes with brick with bricks made of sun-dried mud from the Nile river.
  • Homes were built around a central courtyard that let in air and light.
  • Women cooked over and open fire on raised mud brick Hearths.
  • Grains were stored for make bread or beer.
  • Animals were kept in an enclosed yard.
  • Inside was an entrance hall a room for social activities, a bedroom, a kitchen and storage space. There was little furniture.
  • The flat roof was often used for eating and sleeping.
  • The annual floods brought a lot of mud. Brick makers moulded mud into square shapes using wooden moulds which were dried on the sun.
  • The houses of the poor were made from Single walls which were one brick thick, rich were double thick.
  • Roofs were usually used as living space.
  • Inside the rooms were small and dark with narrow windows and low ceilings. Some houses had two storeys others were all on one level. Many has cellars.
  • Upper levels were used as living space.
  • Size and complexity of homes depended on wealth.




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