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Message from Mrs Bennett



 Dear Badgers’ parents,

These times really are most extraordinary. It is a credit to Badgers, that they have all kept strong and engaged with the school curriculum despite changing numbers in the classroom each day.  We are so sorry not to be seeing your children every day in school and hope and pray that everyone is recovering quickly.

It is our intention to deliver as much of the curriculum as we are able to online. This is an important year for Badgers and as such we would ask for your help in prompting your children, marking work and giving us feedback.

The expectations are that apart from during school holidays children will be accessing about 2 hours a day of learning each day at home Monday – Fridays. In addition to this it expected that all children in Badgers Class will be reading a high quality book for a minimum of 45 minutes each day. This may be independent reading, reading aloud or shared reading with an adult or sibling.

Activities and prompts for the 2 hours a day of learning will be given to you, as parents, through the school website on a weekly basis. I will endeavour to point towards some maths learning 4 days a week, some literacy learning that includes a comprehension, SPAG (spelling punctuation and grammar) and some written work. In addition to this there will be some other tasks related to topical work/PHSE/Art/PE/Science/RE/Music. As parents, how you organise the weekly learning will be up to you but the maths and literacy need to be spread out over a number of days.

You will be responsible for organising the learning environment for your child – printing out sheets, accessing tasks, and submitting some of the work to me via email when requested. I will offer as much support with this process as I can but the responsibility has to lie with you as parents. Please consider at this stage how you will structure your children’s time – you will find that routine and regularity are your friends when it comes to this!

Please bear with me through any teething problems and let’s all work together to support the children as best as we can. My email address is at the bottom of this letter and if school closes then I will endeavour to respond to emails about your children’s learning during our normal school opening hours.

Sally Lloyd Davies





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