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Home Learning

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Robins class page. This page will be updated weekly with tasks for the children to complete. Where possible, I have made the activities fun and hands-on (as we would do in class) although there will also be internet games and links. If your child is fit and healthy, then please work through the tasks. If they (or yourself) are unwell then please adjust accordingly. The expectation is not to complete everything within the first day but maintain their learning over the week, revisiting and consolidating what they already know in addition to introducing new ideas and concepts. 

I have listed 5 numeracy and literacy activities (one for each day) and a range of other subjects and mini-projects. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading with your child and this includes them being read to, as well as hearing them read. We aim to read at least two stories a day to the children and use this opportunity to expand their vocabulary, grammatical understanding and develop their inference and comprehension skills. We read books at their age level but also beyond, so that they can really begin to extend their knowledge and understanding. We have arranged access to Big Cat where there is access to 70 graded readers for the children on this Home Learning page.   

Please also note that the children should continue with physical activity and time should be set aside daily to maintain stamina and fitness levels. A brisk walk is lovely but the children also need to elevate their heart rate for sustained periods and ideally should feel worn out at the end!! 

Should you need to contact me, my email address is SarahSantry@knockholt.kent.sch.uk  I will check regularly throughout the day but please bear with me. I wish you all good health and my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. 

Sarah Santry

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