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Forest School is missing everyone this Easter  but  we will upload photos in the link on the left so you can see what is happening in the wood !

Newt Blurb

We have been lucky enough to do some pond dipping and we are proud to say that our pond is particularly healthy!  We are most excited to have found two types of newt and there is enough for everyone to catch one!

Newts are amphibians because they spend the first part of their lives as water creatures.  When Newts grow up they develop lungs and breathe air.  The Newts lay their eggs in water each spring, each egg will be wrapped up in a tiny water plant leaf.  They start like little tadpoles, but unlike frogs they develop their front legs first.

During the summer the Newts will usually leave the water an live on land in a shady corner.

We found some Great Crested Newts which is fantastic as they are an endangered species.  Their skin was dark and their tummy was bright orange with black blotches on.  The males had a jagged crest all along its back right down to the tip of its tail.  It can grow up to 17cms long (ours weren’t that big! Ours were probably nearer 12cms)

We also found smooth newts which are more common but still pretty special and are protected by law.  They were a little smaller than the great crested and were a lighter brown colour.  Their tummies were an paler orange colour without blotches.

Did you know that Newts have four fingers on their hands and the Lizard, who lives on land all the time has five?