8th June

8th June

8th June 

On tapestry you will find Mrs Hume reading our book of the week Super Worm! 


The DFE have put together lessons for Reception children. You can again dip in and out of these. We recommend at least 3 sessions per week. Feel free to start at any point from the archived lessons and follow from there.


Espresso- found on class page on website 

Mr Thorne does phonics

Phonics play website- lots of different phonic based games https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Continue to learn tricky words phase 3 and phase 4


Ideally 10 mins each day but see how you go. 

Oxford owl website- sign up to access free E books for the children to read 

Teach your monster to read app


Big cats reading scheme


Follow the link to National Oak Academy. Click Online Classroom, Schedule, Reception.


Complete daily videos.

Maths Work Book 

Continue with 2 pages.

Non Screen Maths 

Can you add numbers within 5 and within 10? 

Use physical objects to help you and begin to write down the numbers and the plus symbol.



Add numbers within 20.


Think about super worm’s super power.

What would your super power be? Draw a picture and write about your super power!

Understanding the World/ Physical Development 

With the following activities please do not worry if you don’t have the correct ingredients as we are aware how difficult it is at the moment to source food. They are only suggestions and can therefore be adapted or even changed to imaginative cooking in the garden/ mud or sand play. 

Go on a bug hunt! This could be in your garden or on a walk. 

Take photos, draw and write what you find.

Carefully collect some bugs in a jar or box. Can you study the bugs you find? Remember to release them so they can be with their families and remain wild! 

Create a natural habitat for bugs in your garden. What materials can you use? 


Cosmic Kids Yoga- YouTube 

Please continue to take photos of the completed activities and add them to tapestry so we can still join your child on the learning journey.