500 words

500 words

An expedition to find the perfect world

By Evie Kay


There are rumours about a perfect world. But, of course that’s just a rumour. Or maybe it’s a myth... My name is Tilley. Tilley Parker and I’m about to prove this perfect world is not a rumour or a myth at all.


Today all I’ve heard are things about this perfect world. Everyone there seems happy. Nobody argues. Everyone looks great. You can live out your dreams and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Even better, everyone has hundreds of friends.


I ask my friends at school if they know anything about this place, but they just look at me as if I’ve gone mad.


Millie, my best friend, and I were talking about the perfect world on the way home. We stopped off at the library to return our books and look for information. We wandered over to the myths and legends section, but we could only find stuff about monsters, dragons and fairies.


Feeling defeated, we went home. We got to my house and Millie couldn’t stay because it was getting late, so we arranged to meet at the climbing wall the next day.


Millie arrived late, as usual, but in just enough time to get harnessed up. We headed straight over to the FSC – the Friendly Showdown Climb. We raced each other up the climbing frame, laughing, and at the top was a piece of paper rolled up. I opened it. It was a piece of newspaper. “Hey Millie look at this,” I called.


“Wow” said Millie. I think she was being a bit sarcastic. She studied the newspaper but looked puzzled. “Umm...what is it?” questioned Millie.


“I can’t make it all out,” I said. “Something about fake news.”


At that moment, we bump into Lily, a girl from school. When she sees us she darts off the other way. She looks like she’s been crying. “We should see if she’s OK,” I say. We walk over and ask what’s wrong. She looks surprised we’ve bothered.


“Thanks for taking the trouble to ask,” says Lily. “That’s kind of you. I’m just feeling really down. Some of the girls at school bully me. Not to my face, they’re too cowardly for that. They do it by Facebook.”


“Facebook? What’s that?” Asks Millie.


“It’s a lie,” answers Lily. “I went on there because I thought it was this perfect world but it’s not what it seems. People are false. Their stories are false. Even the news is fake.”


Millie and I stared at each other, both thinking the same thing. That’s it. That’s our perfect world. The thing the grown-ups talk about. “Stick with us Lily,” I said. “Facebook sounds like a miserable place. We enjoy things that are real, like climbing and talking and laughing.”


Lily smiled.


I’d set out to prove the perfect world wasn’t a rumour or a myth. But it really is. No-one and nowhere is perfect. And that’s just the way I like it.

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