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4th May

Mrs Kelly says...



4th May 2020


Hi Rabbit Class!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week’s tasks.

Friday is supposed to be a Bank holiday to celebrate VE Day. Although you are at home, I’m going to set you less work this week.

Thank you for the work you sent me last week. Legend writing was really good.


Remember the BBC have set up lots of great lessons which can be checked on a weekly plan on this link

Weekly Science lessons on LIGHT topic if anyone wants to revise this.

Weekly grammar lessons on NOUNS, PRONOUNS, VERBS and ADVERBS

STONE AGE videos but we have already watched these.


I have assigned reading on Treasure House  site so please login and check assignment Click on notifications if it doesn’t automatically pop up as homework to see what I have set for your group.

Each group has just 1 Reading task this week.


Also check Purple Mash for regular updates of optional activities you can do if you have spare time.

Like previous weeks do not worry if you do not complete all the tasks, I know some children work faster than others.

Here are your tasks for this week 4/5/20



Daily tasks

  • Reading
  • Times tables or number bond practice
  • Daily Exercise  
  • Dance mat typing


  Last week’s vocabulary challenge champion lily is who manged to find 38 words.


Challenge word this week is BIRTHDAY


Weekly News letter


Send me the news and photos to add. you can watch daily news updates and scroll down to see Keystage2 News as well



Literacy 4 x 40 mins

 READING  SESSION assigned on Treasure House to be done anytime this week.

Session 1 Spelling lesson Rule 3 for plurals ending in f or ff                                                       

Watch powerpoint Plurals 3 slides 1-5

Complete Plurals 3 f tasks Sheet


Session 2 Spelling lesson Rule 4 for plurals nouns sometimes change their spelling

Watch powerpoint Plurals 3 slides 6-7 

Make a list of 10 singular nouns that change their spelling and write the plural word too.

e.g one louse       several lice


Session 3 Creative Writing 

Write a piece for your anthology.  

 News A poem, a story, a story board (pictures and writing), a story map, a diary page, 

a recipe, a book review

 or just copy an extract from one of your favourite books. If you just copy then please write the name of the real author.

Mrs Kelly’s  suggestions  if you are stuck for ideas

  • FICTION  A MODERN DAY  FEMALE  KNIGHT saves a town. Rewrite the story of George but set it in Modern times

. e.g Georgina landed her helicopter in the empty carpark behind the hospital. As soon as the rotary blades had stopped spinning she jumped out and hurried over to the waiting Ferrari…


PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO of this page of your Anthology.


Numeracy 4 x 30 mins





Power Maths 3A


Session 1

 p40-41 complete END OF UNIT CHECK p40 7 counters

                                                                      P41 6 counters


Session 2

 Lesson 1 p42-44 Adding and Subtracting 100s                                                                                                     Q6  Use number cards 1-9 and swap them around until you find the correct  value for star triangle and square symbol.


Session 3

 Lesson 2 p45-47 Adding and Subtracting a 3 digit number and 1s.                                                      Q6 Use number cards 0-9


Session 4

 Lesson 3 p48-50 Adding a 3 digit number and 1s                                                                                      

Q1, 2   also Mark jumps on the number line to show the addition sum.

Q3    Make sure you do sums in right order a,b,c,   d,e,f   g,h,i  to spot patterns.

Q4   You should find 4 calculations.

Q5  Use number cards 3, 4, 5, and 8 to help you





HISTORY 2 sessions


I can find out about the past using on old photo and old film

Friday is a bank holiday to celebrate VE day.

What does VE stand for? What happened on this day? When? Why?


  1. VE DAY BUCKINGHAM PALACE                                                               Watch this video it is a historical resource: a newsreel from VE day.

What do you notice when watching?  Compare it to modern news. (Listen and Watch)

Look at the clothes  the people are wearing.

Look at the vehicles (cars and buses).

Listen to the voice of the commentator.

What is he talking about? What had happened? How did the people feel?

Can you name the members of the Royal Family who appeared on the Balcony on the newsreel?  How have they changed? Who is the monarch now? Who is the Prime Minister now?


  1. Look at VE Resource Sheet

Compare two pictures. Name three differences that show one photo is about 50 years older than the other.


  1.   Challenge  Write  about VE DAY 1945.


Extra resources Imperial War museum



Create Bunting to decorate your bedroom/house to celebrate VE DAY.

Click on this website for ideas.