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27th April

Miss Steyn says:


Owl Class Home Learning Week Beginning 27.4.20-1.5.20


Time for another week of home learning! I’m so pleased you’re all enjoying the WW2 topic. If any of you have anything WW2 related that you’d have normally brought in and shared with the class (perhaps a relative’s medals, or photographs as an example) please take a picture of them and send them to me via email. I will then put a little video/PowerPoint together over the next few weeks so that the rest of the class can see them! This is such an amazing topic, and often a topic that is close to so many families, so I’d love to share anything you have!



Please spend some time over the week practising your weekly spellings. There is an attached PowerPoint Presentation that goes through the spelling rule and gives you a chance to practise. The weekly spellings for this week are:


Spelling Rule: Words with the prefix ‘anti’


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3





























You should all now have a ‘Power Maths Practice book’. Each week I am going to set some pages for you to complete over the week. Please stick to these pages each week and don’t rush ahead! I have provided answers should you need them. Task 4 will always be some kind of challenge activity based on the work you have completed in the workbook (where possible).


Task 1: Complete Counting in 1,000s in the workbook (pages 15-17)

Task 2: Complete Representing 4-digit numbers in the workbook (pages 18-20)

Task 3: Complete pages 1,000s, 100s, 10s and 1s in the workbook (pages 21-23)

Task 4: Have a go at the 1,000s, 100s, 10s and 1s challenges.

There are two challenges to have a go at (please try and do at least one). The answers are provided! You can record your workings/answers in the squared maths book.

We have covered this in class already (although right at the start of Year 4) so it should be more revision for the children and therefore they should be able to access it fairly independently. I have provided a Maths Support PowerPoint which can be used for extra support/practise if you feel your child needs it.



Task 1: Spellings
Practise your weekly spellings and use the PowerPoint to help you. Can you make up your own word search to help you practise your spellings? Or maybe you could make your own crossword?

Task 2: SPaG- When should you NOT use an apostrophe

Go through the PowerPoint (you don’t have to write down the answers to the activities on the PowerPoint, you can just think about/discuss them). I have given you a sheet with some activities that get you thinking about when you should and shouldn’t use an apostrophe. There are three sheets. The first is easier, the second a bit harder and the third is more of a challenge. You do NOT have to complete all 3. Choose the sheet most appropriate for you. You can complete these either on the sheet and stick it in, or work in your book. The answers have been provided. If you need some help with apostrophes, I filmed a video where I do a mini ‘lesson’ explaining how to use possessive apostrophes. I’m getting quite into this YouTube thing now!

Task 3: Reading Comprehension

Complete the reading comprehension activity on Treasure House.

Task 4: Creative Writing

Imagine you have gone for a walk and you come across an unusual looking egg (see the picture). You pick the egg up in your hand. You have never seen an egg that looks like this before. You take the egg home and wait for it to hatch. When it does hatch, you can’t believe what comes out of it…

See the word document attached that has a picture of the egg and some question prompts to help you with your writing. I can’t wait to find out what hatches out of your egg!

Other tasks


Science- Design your own animal!

We are going to be thinking about Living Things in Science this term. As an introduction, this week you have the fun task of designing your own animal. Go through the attached PowerPoint and complete the tasks. Send me a picture of your finished made up animal that you’ve designed!


Link for video lesson:

Now we know when and why World War Two started, we are going to learn about how people at home contributed to the war effort. I have filmed a lesson where I talk to you about the home front and the war effort. Watch this video and go through the PowerPoint to explore different ways people helped from home, for example rationing, grow your own or taking in evacuees.

Task: Read the diary entries on the sheet and write a short description to show how each person is contributing to the war effort. You can do this on the sheet or straight into your book.

Optional challenge: Write your own diary entry as if you were someone who was helping on the war effort at home during World War Two. You can send these to me and I will try to work out what you were doing to help. Or you could send them to a friend!


Art- Kandinsky

This lesson might take longer than one sitting, and you may wish to spread it out across the week! Kandinsky was a Russian painter and was one of the most important 20th Century artists. He was a major figure in modern art and painted some of the first abstract works. Have a go at creating a piece of art inspired by Kandinsky’s ‘squares with concentric circles’. There are loads of great ideas on Pinterest! You can be as creative as you’d like and use any materials/medium you like. Please send me lots of photos of your finished piece as I’d like to add them to our class page on the school website.

Wassily Kandinsky — Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913


Optional task

During this difficult time there are lots of people that are still working incredibly hard doing their normal jobs in order to keep the country going!  People like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, carers (the list goes on!) are not always able to stay safe inside because their jobs are really important. Can you make a thank you card (or a thank you poster to display in your window) to say thank you to someone for the amazing job they’re doing? It could be a thank you to your local refuse collectors or postman! Or perhaps you know someone who is a nurse or a doctor. I bet it would really make them smile J


Purple Mash

There will be some activities for you to complete on Purple Mash. Log in and go to ‘2Dos’ and complete the tasks that have been set. I will be able to see how you got on once you’ve finished.


Physical Activity
Try and join in with PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube every weekday morning at 9am.

Time to get dancing! Have a go at this Zumba Kids dance routine- it’s a favourite in Owl Class! Can you get your family to join in too?!

Make sure you try and get outside for a little bit each day. Go on a morning walk or do some exercises in your garden. Fresh air is really important!


Reading with Miss Steyn

Thank you for all your kind comments about Reading with Miss Steyn. I’m so pleased you’re all enjoying the videos.

The final 3 videos for the book ‘The Day We Met The Queen’.

  1. Chapter 5:
  2. Chapter 6:
  3. Chapter 7:

I have also included the first video for our new book ‘The Girl Who Stole An Elephant’

  1. Chapter 1 and 2:


Kahoot General Knowledge Quiz!

I have had a go at creating a Kahoot general knowledge quiz. Play by clicking on this link: or by using this challenge pin in the Kahoot app: 09683397. You have until Friday 1st May at 6.00pm to complete the quiz. Good luck!


Don’t forget to spend some time every day reading and practising your times tables. You can complete the Daily 10 everyday too


If you’d like to continue keeping up to date with the news, watch the daily and weekly news on Espresso (weekly news updated every Thursday). Newsround is also another good one to look at

Text Box: Miss Steyn’s Brainteaser of the week:
Unjumble the letters to come up with the name of a famous male literary figure. 

If you think you know the answer, email me and I will let you know!









I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU and a massive WELL DONE to parents! Thank you for being so enthusiastic with the children’s home learning. This is not an easy time, but I think you are all doing an amazing job. Children make sure you say thank you to your parents for everything they are doing to help you with your learning at home and give them a big hug! J


Speak to you soon,


Miss Steyn J