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19th May


This week please send me:

- Your Sandra Silberzweig self-portrait


For the maths tasks please try to spend no more than 40 minutes total on the lesson. All the work in these books should be revision for the majority of the class. Because of this, I have set 2 or 3 “lessons” (as they are called in the book) for each day, and I would not expect any child to spend more than 20 minutes on each “lesson”. Each “lesson” progresses in difficulty as they progress, for some children the challenge may become too difficult. If your child spends more than 10 minutes on any question, then please stop after that question and move onto the next “lesson”.


Week 8 – Maths

Pages are a bit out of order to make sure tasks match as best as possible.

Remember the Extensions are optional for those who fly through the main task.

Please remember to only complete the pages listed within each lesson.

We have covered this work in class but not as much as we have on other areas, so I have provided a PowerPoint with a brief run through of each part. I have used different colours for different days so it should be easy to work through.

If you are struggling, please email and I should be able to put together something to help specifics.


Main Task


(Optional challenge)

Lesson 1

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 108-113

  • Multiples
  • Factors

The Moons of Vuvv

(Links with Lesson 2 as well)

Lesson 2

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 114-119

  • Prime Numbers
  • Using Factors

Prime Number Mystery


The Moons of Vuvv

Lesson 3

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 120-125

  • Squares
  • Cubes

Flora had a challenge for her friends. 

She asked, "Can you make square numbers by adding two prime numbers together?"


Ollie had a think.

"Well, let me see...  I know that 4 = 2 + 2. That's a good start!"


Have a go at finding all the possible answers to Flora’s challenge.  Try with the prime numbers from 1 to 20.

Lesson 4

Year 5 Practice Book A: Pages 129-137

  • Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000
  • Dividing by 10, 100, 1000
  • Multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10, 100, 1000

Pages 126-129

  • Inverse Operations


Answers should be on the pdf or on a word document in the folder or at the end of the challenge.

Week 8 – English

Feel free to continue to listen to the story online (or read along if you have a copy of the book)



Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Session 1

SPAG – James and Giant Peach - Editing and Handwriting.

This task MUST be done by hand, not on the computer.

Read through the passages, edit them (use the checklist to guide you) and then rewrite one in your best handwriting.

This is an opportunity to practice the skills we have used many times over the year.

Session 2

Holes Chapters 9-10 (Listen to/read the chapters)

In chapter 9, Stanley starts his letter home. He then hides it in his stationery box, unfinished.

I want you to write the letter to his family (plan it today then write it tomorrow) as if you were Stanley.

First, map out the events that have happened to Stanley since he left home.

Think about what he may have seen, done or felt in that time.

Use the template to help.

When Stanley started his letter, he was not telling the truth because he didn’t want his Mum to worry.

You need to decide if you are going to continue like he has or tell them the truth.

If you decide to tell them the truth you will use your notes of what he has done so far.

If you decide to stop mum from worrying, then I am setting you a challenge. You need to write about what Stanley has done but edit it to sound like it is fun.

So instead of a bus ride hand-cuffed to the rail…maybe you had private transport with a personal butler (instead of a guard?)

Session 3 / 4

Holes Chapters 9-10 (Listen to/read the chapters)

Use yesterday’s plans to write your letter (as Stanley).

Use the letter PowerPoint to help you lay it out.

The checklist is in the PowerPoint as well.


I expect all letters to include at least 4 things that Stanley (you) have done, emotions and future plans.

It should not be a postcard. Meaning it should have plenty of content. Remember you (Stanley) are only writing home once a week so make sure you tell Mum everything.


You MUST write in the first person

You SHOULD use informal language and varying sentence styles.

You COULD use paragraphs


You may need a longer session (or split it over two days) to write a good letter. Especially if you want to proof-read, edit and improve your writing.




Week 8 – Enrichment subjects


Sandra Silberzweig

Continuing our work on Abstract artwork, following last week’s study.


This week, rewatch the videos about abstract art and Siberzweig use video tutorial (if you wish)


Have a go at creating your own Sandra Silberzweig self-portrait. Use a photo or a mirror and decide which shapes and patterns sum you up.


Cook an American dish


Find and copy out a recipe.


Cook the dish and then review it.


Let me know your recommendations.



2Do’s on Purple Mash



BBC dance mat typing -


Farming in the USA


Go through the PowerPoint to learn about farming in the USA.

Then play the USA Farmer game.

Write out the account of what happened to you as a farmer.




Read through the PowerPoint and have a go at the worksheet.


If you want, have a go at the optional hands-on activity.


For a bit of fun:

This computer game from 1993 uses your understanding of gears, levers and pulleys to create Rube Goldberg type machines.


Cosmic Kids Yoga – search YouTube

Joe Wicks – daily PE lesson on YouTube



Could you build an obstacle course in your garden?

Play the floor is Lava

Create a game with rules that you can teach the class.

Develop skills within football, rugby, hockey or another sport.




I am young when I am tall and I am old when I am short. What am I?



A worker in the butchers is 162cm tall. What does she weigh? MEAT


Also please remember to:

  • Read EVERY day. I suggest at least 35minutes and that should include reading aloud.
  • Exercise regularly – dog-walks, trampolining, bike rides or creating your own dances are all vital!
  • Practice spellings – still working from the whole term list I sent at the start of term (another copy is attached)
  • Talk and be open with each other. This could be a very tricky time and I want you all to be happy and healthy when I next see you. Make sure you don’t bottle too much up and you talk if you have any concerns.

Watch the news (optional) Espresso or BBC Newsround are great ways of seeing what is going on.