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15th June

Overview Term 6 Home/School learning week 15th  - 19thJune


If you were using 6A  Summer Home Edition Year 6 Decimals cont p36 – p 48

Mark your own work


If you were using 6B

Summer Home Edition Year 6



If you were using 5A

Summer Home Edition Year 5

Week 3




English (keep up your daily reading session of your own chosen text for at least 45 mins a day)

Lesson 1

 Chapter 11 In learning resources mark your work with a parent

Lesson 2

 Chapter 12 In learning resources and submit today to Mrs LD

Lesson 3

Chapter 13 In learning resources  mark your work with a parent

Lesson 4

Chapter 14  In learning resources upload your picture to the blog

Lesson 5

Chapter 15 in learning resources mark your work with a parent



Enrichment subjects


This term we will be continuing to study the classification of living things moving on to look at invertebrates


80% of all the animals on Earth are arthropods. This week we are just going to be studying arthropods. Here are some videos for you to watch

What is an arthropod?


Arthropod adaptations s /watch?v=bz4ODmqbnQA







Coding and debug activities have been set as 2Do on Purple Mash


Remember daily exercise

Joe Wicks, the body coach, is launching sessions every morning at 9am live on his YouTube channel.




This term we will be studying the Ancient Mayan Civilisation.

There is a Power point about Mayan Masks for you to study

In Learning Resources. You will need to study this before you do this week’s Art/DT





Please study Mrs Brooker’s Power Point ‘Moving on Up’ and complete the worksheet my secondary school.



In learning resources you will find an instruction leaflet and a template for Mayan Masks


Design and make your own Mayan Mask and upload a photo to the blog by Friday 19th June




Continue with The National Oak Academy or French games