Sign to Sing

Sign to Sing

The school hall was full of tension and excitement, as all the children and staff packed in on Wednesday 5th February,  wearing their scarves, ready to take part in the world record attempt for 'Sign to sing'-  as many people, countrywide, singing and signing the same song "Get up and sign", during 'Sign health week'. With banners and balloons adorning the hall, the whole school sang and signed as one and as the song finished, the cheers of success rang out, as the hall exploded in confetti and the song 'Congratulations' played. Some of our year six girls, grabbed their coloured ribbons and danced around, whilst every person received their special 'Sign to sing ' sticker to wear and celebrated together. What a fabulous time we had.

Fortunately, those few children who were absent that day, had the opportunity to sing and sign together the next day upon their return, with me, meaning they too could be included in our attempt at setting the new world record.

In total, St Katherine's were represented by a total of 218 people, that number will be added to all the other schools/choirs/ organisations around the country and now we await confirmation that a new world record has been set.

Every child received a special certificate for their efforts and our school will also be awarded a framed certificate too, to display with pride, very soon.

Sign health do incredible work, both here and overseas, raising awareness of deafness and promoting sign language- a hugely important skill- and something which they believe everyone should be familiar with.

We will also be sending our financial donation to the charity soon and then await the phonecall to confirm we are all World record breakers! One thing's for sure-  as we all left the hall that morning to the song 'We are the champions', we all felt on top of the world ........

Many thanks to all the parents and families for their kind support.


Tina Bennett.

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