Headteacher Awards - 22nd January

Headteacher Awards - 22nd January


Remy - for being a Queen with lovely manners and for trying hard in her sentence writing.

Ayden - for being such a tidy and organised King


Georgia - for good writing

Leo - for improved reading and writing


Molly - for lovely manners!

Lily - for always being polite!


Dax - for always having lovely manners, remembering his pleases and thank yous and for taking an interest in other people.

Alana - for offering to help other children if they are struggling

Harri - for always holding open doors!


Henry L - for brilliant homework

Ollie - for brilliant homework


Annabel B - for a brilliiant book review

Jonjo - for an amazing change in his writing

Anabelle J - for keeping Miss Tormey on her toes in their lesson!


Lucy - for helping at KS1 art club

Emelia - for helping at KS1 art club

Rosie - for helping at KS1 art club

Simon - for clearing up the playground 

Ethan - for always being helpful and polite